Painful SSG bullpen, proud of the growth of strong new players… Shin Heon-min, who worked hard, is growing

SSG, facing the problem of lack of fast players on the pitching staff, has been drafting with that focus in recent years. In particular, for the past two years, he has focused on pitchers as the top picks in the draft.

Looking at other teams’ fastball prospects who throw more than 150km per hour, at least SSG can’t be said to be ahead in terms of ‘speed’. However, it can be felt in this demonstration game that they are gradually following. This is because players who throw fast balls, or who have the potential to throw faster balls in the future, are doing pretty well after undergoing intensive testing.

In the game against NC held at Changwon NC Park on the 18th, second-year right-hander Shin Heon-min (21) caught the attention of fans. Shin Hun-Min, who took the mound in the 5th inning with both the mound and the defense in disarray at the beginning of the game, left a good result with an aggressive fastball match and two scoreless innings. On the 15th, in the match against Sajik Lotte, he blocked 1 inning perfectly, and continued his momentum this day.

He struck out one, but the power of his four-seam fastball was alive. He played an active game by not giving up walks, and played an active part with one hit and no runs as the bats of NC hitters were pushed. After 2 outs in the 6th inning, he was in danger due to an error, but he finished the inning without losing a run by catching Martin, a foreign batter, with a floating ball in right field. Although Martin boasts fast bat speed, he was somewhat pushed back by Shin Hun-min’s pitching.

On this day,먹튀검증 Shin Heon-min threw a fastball with a maximum speed of 147km per hour, and four-seam fastballs accounted for the majority of 24 pitches out of 32 pitches. He threw the ball aggressively with an early count so that he never had a game that went as far as 3B. A 20-year-old young pitcher did the pitching that SSG coach Kim Won-hyung emphasized throughout his career. Although it was the result of the demonstration game, it was a pitch that would have given coach Kim and the coaching staff a certain possibility. Overall, the ball feels stronger than last year.

Shin Heon-min is one of SSG’s representative strategic prospects. He believed in the possibility of throwing a fast ball and pulled it. Although his physique is somewhat thin, he has the belief that he can develop into a fastball pitcher who throws more than 150km in the future if he goes through systematic training in the pros. Even on the first team coaching staff, he watches with interest from last year. He joined the camp roster this year, and is testing his potential by steadily appearing in exhibition games. And it is confirmed that Shin Hun-min is steadily growing according to the club’s roadmap.

In the game against Sajik Lotte on the 15th, right-hander Song Young-jin, a rookie pitcher in the second round, threw a ball up to 149 km and made a bold pitch. Coach Kim was delighted with his pitching full of confidence, such as boldly throwing a breaking ball at an unfavorable count as well as a bold fastball match. Although his performance in the demonstration game is not very good, Lee Ro-wun, a rookie in the first round, is also receiving favorable reviews for his ball power. Even in the midst of conceding points, coach Kim is encouraging a more active game, saying, “There will be learning while being hit.”

First of all, they are classified as a bullpen in the first team plan this year. If you go to the 2nd team, the plan is to prepare for the 1st team call-up by throwing longer innings as a starter or long relief. Coach Kim’s belief is that just because he plays in the bullpen in the first team, if he throws just that much in the second team, he will miss the timing to learn. Right now, they are promising prospects to be looked at conservatively, but one or two of them must settle in the first team in the near future so that SSG can create a generational change without delay. It has become interesting whether the 2023 exhibition game will be the start.

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