Only if we win, we can hope to remain… Everton · Leicester · Leeds, who is the last survivor?

You can only hope to remain if you win unconditionally. Only one team can breathe a sigh of relief among Everton, Leicester City and Leeds United ahead of the final match of the 2022-2023 English Premier League (EPL).

On the 29th (Korean time), with 30 EPL teams playing the final match of the league all at once, attention is focused on which team can remain among Everton, 17th, Leicester City, 18th, and Leeds United, 19th. lean

While Manchester City has already won three consecutive EPL titles, Arsenal and Newcastle United have secured their place in the UEFA Champions League next season. Manchester United have yet to secure a place in the UEFA Champions League, but a draw in one of their two matches will ensure at least a fourth place finish.

In addition, Liverpool and Brighton & Hove Albion have also secured qualification for next season’s UEFA Europa League. Liverpool still have a slim chance of qualifying for the UEFA Champions League, but it is highly unlikely that any surprise will happen as Manchester United can win a Champions League ticket just by drawing at home against Chelsea on the 26th.

The race remains as to which team, Aston Villa or Tottenham Hotspur, will win next season’s UEFA Europa Conference League ticket, but it’s not as hot as the relegation fight. Whether to remain in the EPL or fall to the league championship (Part 2) is more acute than whether or not you can go to European club competitions.

First of all, the team that has the advantage is Everton. Everton has 7 wins, 12 draws, 18 losses, 33 points, two points ahead of 18th place Leicester (8 wins, 7 draws, 22 losses, 31 points) and 19th place Leeds (7 wins, 10 draws, 20 losses, 31 points). But carelessness is forbidden.

If the last Bournemouth draw at home, the points will be 34 points, and if Leicester win the last game, the points will be equal. In this case, since Leicester, who is ahead in goal difference, will be 17th, Everton must win absolutely to remain on its own.

Of course, Leicester and Leeds are desperate for victory to stay. Leicester will play at home to West Ham United and Leeds will also play Tottenham at home. Motivation is clear given that all three teams will have their last game at home.

However, Leeds, which is pushed not only in points but also in goal difference, is at the most disadvantage. Bournemouth and West Ham, which Everton and Leicester will meet, are teams in 15th and 14th place, respectively, so their power is equal. However, even if Tottenham is mired in two consecutive losses recently, they must do their best until the end to obtain a ticket to the Conference League. Motivation is clear as Tottenham also need to win three points.

The scenario in which Leeds can dramatically rise from 19th to 17th is to hope that Everton will lose unconditionally and Leicester will not win after winning the game against Tottenham. In this case, Everton could have 33 points, Leicester could have 31 or 32 points, and Leeds could be 17th with 34 points.

First of all, the British BBC expects Everton to survive. Even if Everton loses, there is a scenario where he remains. The BBC put Everton’s chances of relegation at 21%. On the other hand, 83% of Leicester and 95% of Leeds saw relegation as virtually certain.스포츠토토

But the ball is round. Everton concede a come-from-behind winner with the last 10 seconds remaining and Leeds could win with a theatrical goal before the last second. The fight for survival, which will be hotter than ever, will soon break out.

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