One seat, two prospects… Pittsburgh’s happy scream

A well-trained catcher is no match for ten sluggers. Raising a catcher is such a difficult task.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are developing two of those tough catchers. They are Andy Rodriguez (23), 2nd in the team’s prospect list selected by ‘’, and Henry Davis (24), 3rd.

These two managed to avoid clashes even at the beginning of the season. This is because Rodriguez started the season in Triple-A and Davis in Double-A.

But things have changed.안전놀이터 Davis was promoted to Triple-A. Double A was too narrow for him. The league bombed with a batting average of 0.284, an on-base percentage of 0.433 and a slugging percentage of 0.547, and the club eventually chose to promote.

Pirates general manager Ben Charrington said, “The performance he has shown over the past two months has confirmed that he is ready to accept the challenge. Someday, Triple A was a stage to go through, and now is the time,” he said of this promotion.

Unless they’re calling up Rodriguez right away, the two top catcher prospects will be on the same team for the time being. There is a possibility that either side will affect the playing time.

When asked about the proportion of the two players, general manager Cherrington said, “We will see the situation every week.” His plan is to adjust the proportion of participation depending on the situation.

He also raised his voice that coexistence is possible in the lineup, saying, “Both players can digest different positions.”

Andy Rodriguez has experience playing not only catcher, but also first base, second base, and even all positions in the outfield. “I don’t want to put too much pressure on him,” Cherrington said, adding that Rodriguez will only play first base other than catcher. Davis can also play right field.

There is also a possibility that the coexistence of the two players will eventually affect the position. It is common for the main position to change during the training process.

Regarding this, General Manager Cherrington said, “In the short term, the goal is to create the best lineup for the team to win that day, but in the long term, the goal is to develop both players into major league catchers.” emphasized that

It remains to be seen how Pittsburgh develops these two catcher prospects. General Manager Cherrington said, “A good player will eventually get a chance,” and said that if the two players continue as they are now, they will receive a chance in the big leagues.

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