Oh Jae-hyuk, born in 2002, the U-22 card of Jeonbuk’s trump card

Jeonbuk is one of the teams that suffer losses due to the compulsory participation regulation for under 22 (U-22). Compared to other big clubs, they invested in youth as a latecomer, so there are not many excellent U-22 resources that they have raised themselves. Until last year, Jeonbuk utilized various resources such as Park Jin-seong, Kang Sang-yoon, and Park Gyu-min, but lacked steady and reliable cards.

So, the player Jeonbuk selected through the winter transfer market was midfielder Oh Jae-hyeok, who grew up at Bucheon FC 1995. Born in 2002, Oh Jae-hyeok is a central midfielder who has grown rapidly under coach Lee Young-min’s guidance in Bucheon for the past two years. Oh Jae-hyeok, a native of Pohang Steelers Youth, made his professional debut in Bucheon on loan in 2021 and showed his prominence. Thanks to that, he spent one more season with Bucheon as a permanent transfer. Last year, Oh Jae-hyeok participated in 33 K-League 2 matches, scoring 2 goals and 3 assists. The player who played a decisive role in Bucheon’s record of mid-table or higher was Oh Jae-hyeok.

Oh Jae-hyeok, who has settled down on the professional stage stably, is also classified as a key member of the under-23 national soccer team. 안전놀이터 Although he belonged to the second division, due to his many participation experiences and rapid growth, he is also aiming to participate in the Paris Olympics.

Oh Jae-hyeok’s physical condition is not outstanding, but he has good basic skills and skills, and he has speed and sense. He is evaluated as a resource that will bring speed and creativity to the team in the second line.

Depending on Jaehyuk Oh’s performance, Jeonbuk’s K-League 1 squad operation method may change. Until last year, Jeonbuk only granted limited time to U-22 resources. At most, it was replaced after the first half, and at the shortest, it was only used for 15 to 20 minutes. U-22 resources had to be assorted formally, as there were many players who could start at multiple positions. If Oh Jae-hyeok does his part, coach Kim Sang-sik can confidently write a spot without worrying about the U-22 card. This is also why Jeonbuk secured the U-22 card even while paying the transfer fee.

There are plenty of possibilities. A number of players who did well in the 2nd division and entered the 1st division are showing off their competitiveness without any change. As Oh Jae-hyeok is still a growing player, we expect that he will do his part in the K-League 1 and Jeonbuk.

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