No further contract extensions… End of 6 months with Bayern Munich

 Bayern Munich (Germany) defender Dalay Blindt (33) leaves at the end of this season. He originally signed a short-term contract for six months at the time of joining last January, but it is reported that he will complete the company without further extending his contract.

Reporter Florian Plettenberg, who is familiar with Bayern Munich’s internal affiliation, said on the 25th (Korean time), “Blind will leave this summer. It is 100%.” I’m looking for you,” he said.

Previously, Blind did not get a chance to play at Ajax (Netherlands) during the winter transfer market last January, and eventually had a conflict with former manager Alfred Schroeder (50, Netherlands), and eventually his contract was terminated midway. Afterwards, he took on a new challenge by signing a short-term six-month contract with Bayern Munich.

Blind brought a bigger issue than expected as it was a ‘surprise’ transfer that everyone did not expect. In fact, until then, there was no rumor of transfer to Bayern Munich, only being linked to Real Sociedad (Spain), etc.

However, as expected, Blindt did not receive many opportunities to participate. He signed a contract on the condition that Luca Hernandez (27) take on the backup role of Alfonso Davies (22), the ‘only’ left-back full-back, due to a cruciate ligament injury leaving the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Most of the time was spent guarding the bench.스포츠토토

In fact, after joining Bayern Munich, Blind played 5 games in all competitions, and even started only 1 game. He averages only 31.4 minutes playing time. Nevertheless, experts analyze that he did not have much dissatisfaction because he knew what his role was when he signed his contract.

Blind, however, has decided to leave Bayern Munich at the end of the season without further contract extension. In particular, when Hernandez returns from injury next season, he is completely classified as ‘out of power’, so he chose to part. At the same time, the six-month short companionship came to an end.

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