Naver, mobility alliance with Socar ahead of the launch of super-giant AI

Naver joined hands with Socar ahead of the launch of  the super-giant AI (artificial intelligence) ‘HyperClover X’ .

Naver and Socar signed a business agreement on the 24th카지노 at the Naver 1784 office building in Seongnam City with the main goal of mutual cooperation for innovation in mobility services. Through this cooperation, Socar decided to graft its own data into HyperClova X and upgrade mobility services for customers.

The collaboration with Socar is the first case of using HyperClova X among mobility companies. Earlier, when Naver released HyperClova X, it announced that it would not only advance its services but also enter the B2B market in earnest. HyperClova X is a Korean-oriented super-giant AI specialized in specialized fields, and based on the data of partner customers , it is possible to build a  super-giant AI optimized for a specific area .

Socar grafts its own data into HyperClova X to build an AI customer response system and advance recommendation and reservation functions. In addition, Socar has been using AI technology to arrange vehicles and determine prices based on vehicle data , and it is estimated that HyperClova X can also be used for this.

In addition, Socar has been able to increase the influx of new users and increase accessibility by loading its various services into ‘Naver Map’, the map app with the highest market share. According to Mobile Index, as of June, the number of monthly active users ( MAU ) of Naver Map was 16.11 million based on Android, ranking first among map apps. After reserving a KTX

ticket on the Naver Map app, you can make a reservation for Socar’s car-sharing service. Parking tickets for Everyone’s Parking Lot, an online parking platform, are also linked to Naver Map so that you can complete everything from reservation to payment. In addition, discount benefits such as issuing Socar coupons are provided according to Naver  Travel’s own membership ‘N Travel Club’ level, and Naver navigation is installed in Socar car-sharing vehicles and services. Park Jae-wook, CEO of Socar, said, “Through this cooperation, a foundation has been laid for Socar and Naver to lead innovation together to create the future of mobility services . ” Choi Soo-yeon, CEO of Naver, said, “We are envisioning various cooperation measures with Socar that can improve users’ convenience in various service fields such as mobility and travel.

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