MVP in April → ERA 5.87 in May, a new native ace must live, Lotte will also live

Can Kyun-an Na save the shaky Lotte and rebound himself?

The Lotte Giants were fighting for the lead with a 3-game winning series that continued, including Pajuk’s 9-game winning streak. Busan Lotte fans, who had turned their backs on the tremendous rise, were so devastated that they filled the baseball field again.

However, in a series of 3 home games against SSG last weekend, it recorded a losing series in about a month. The first game was held on Friday, but in the Saturday-Sunday game with a full crowd, SSG lost the victory in a sluggish batting line.

If you lose in the game against NC Dinos on the 23rd, you will lose three consecutive losses. If they want to continue their current momentum, they must not fall into a long losing streak. It is a condition for a strong team.

Na Kyun-an is at the forefront. Not only the NC match, but also the last game of the three-game series against Kiwoom Heroes is scheduled to start. If Na Kyun-an plays well in these two games, Lotte will not fall sharply.

Na Kyun-an is entering the roller coaster downhill. In April, he received attention from all baseball fans and officials nationwide with his ‘crazy’ performance that no one imagined. April 5 games 4 wins undefeated average ERA 1.34. It was the best selection along with NC Dinos foreign pitcher Pedy and LG Twins Plutko. With the strength of being a member of his popular team Lotte, he had the best time of his baseball life, winning MVP in April. Lotte’s Barnes, Strayley, and Park Se-woong, whom they trusted after the opening, fell into an unbelievable slump, but Na Kyun-an was able to secure the starting mound alone and lay the foundation for an upward trend. He stood tall as the new native ace.

He seemed to be able to make a long run because both pitch and pitch were passing points. But in May, like a lie, it started to decline. Lotte Director Sutton wrapped up his pupil, saying, “It’s just that he came down from the heavens to the ground.” However, considering how well he did in April, regrets remain in May. 3 matches 1 loss ERA 5.87. The match against the KIA Tigers on the 3rd, where they suffered their first loss, recorded the least innings (4 innings) and the most runs (5 runs) of the season. The match against Doosan Bears on the 11th was also not good with 4 runs in 5 innings.

Fortunately,메이저놀이터 he survived with 8 strikeouts and 1 run in 6⅓ innings against the Hanwha Eagles on the 17th, his last pitch. He did not win because he did not receive support from the other line, but it was a signal to escape from the slump in May.

If Na Kyun-an wins the NC game and leads the team to victory, it can be an opportunity for both Lotte and Na Kyun-an to rise again.

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