Mamamoo’s Hwasa accused of “obscenity itself”… Will ‘obscenity’ be established?

Singer Hwasa (27) was accused of ‘indecent performance’ by the Student Parents Human Rights Protection Coalition for her performance during a university festival, and attention is being paid to whether the crime of obscenity will be established.

Last May, while performing her solo song토토사이트 “Don’t Give Me” on the tvN program “Dance Singer’s Wandering Troupe” at Sungkyunkwan University’s school festival, Hwasa performed an unconventional performance by licking her hands and then sweeping up her body parts.

The performance was a performance that took place within a short time of 2 to 3 seconds, but it became controversial as a direct cam video was circulated. Some netizens expressed discomfort, saying that Hwasa’s performance crossed the line.

When the performance became a problem, it was edited in the main broadcast.

The obscenity controversy, which seemed to be over, is being controversial again on the 10th when Hwasa was sued for obscenity in public performances.

Hakin-yeon said in the complaint, “Hwasa’s performance was an obscene act itself, and it was reminiscent of perverted sexual intercourse, which was enough to arouse shame and disgust in the public who witnessed it.”

“The college festival site was a place where many general public gathered, and the celebrity Hwasa’s behavior is a criminal act that has a serious adverse effect on the general public and teenagers who witnessed it.”

However, experts are in a position to wonder whether the University Student Association, which protects the human rights of students and parents, can accuse college students of performances at college festivals as ‘public obscenity’.

Of course, students, including minors, can access Hwasa’s direct cam through video media such as YouTube, but this is not something that Hwasa and broadcasters can prevent.

Experts are in a position to be skeptical of the establishment of the ‘indecent act of performance’ because Hwasa was not a performance for minors in the first place and it was not broadcast.

Meanwhile, an official from the Seongdong Police Station who received the case said, “We plan to review the case according to the normal procedure, including whether there is a suspicion of violating the law.”

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