Machado-Kim Ha-sung chemistry last year 2023? SD wraps around opt-out rumors

The possibility of opting out of Manny Machado (30), the ‘superstar’ of the San Diego Padres, has been raised.

Major League Baseball representative John Heyman talked about the possibility of Machado opting out on the 17th (Korean time).

Machado is one of the major league superstars. He delights the eyes of many with his hot offense and outstanding defense. This season, he played with a batting average of 0.298 (172 hits in 578 at-bats), 32 home runs, 102 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.897, contributing greatly to the team’s advancement to the postseason. But next year could be the last time Machado wears a San Diego uniform. He said he could move the team to a better contract.

Machado included an opt-out clause after the 2023 season in the details at the time of the 10-year, 300 million dollar (approximately 393 billion won) contract in 2019, and the possibility of using his rights is emerging.

Sports media ‘Bleacher Report’ also said, “If Machado wants a bigger contract, it is natural for him to opt out after the next season. Aaron Judge (30, New York Yankees), Justin Verlander (39, New York Mets), and Jacob deGrom (34, Texas Rangers) all deserve a higher ranking than Machado with this offseason contract. I received a high average annual salary,” he wrote.

San Diego is also preparing to some extent for Machado’s departure. Proof of this is the signing of an 11-year, $280 million (approximately 366.8 billion won) contract with Zehnder Bogatz (30), who has entered the free agency market. 메이저놀이터

The media said, “Even with Bogatz’s recruitment, Machado’s transfer will be a huge loss to San Diego. The imminent opt-out of Machado further urges San Diego to win the World Series.”

Will the 2023 season be the last for Ha-seong Kim and Machado, who are in charge of San Diego’s infield? San Diego, which aims to win the World Series, is already paying close attention to Machado’s move.