Loyalty is not a player to be excluded from the entry” There is a ‘believing corner’ even in 13 innings and 16 walks

KIA Tigers left-handed pitcher Lee Eui-ri recorded 16 walks in 13 innings in 3 games after the opening.

He has still played 10 or so games for each team, but Lee Eui-ri is the only pitcher with double-digit walks. In fact, the balance was not good even before the World Baseball Classic (WBC) held last month, but he returned with the worst result with 3 walks in ⅓ innings against the WBC Korea-Japan match.

In his recent appearance against Hanwha on the 13th, he recorded 3 hits, 6 strikeouts, 5 walks and 1 run in 5 innings. He struggled in pitching, giving up five or more walks in all three games.

Still, KIA coach Kim Jong-guk found a positive side to Lee Eui-ri. Coach Kim said, ahead of the match against Gocheok Kiwoom on the 14th, “It seemed to be better than the last two games. Originally, he was a player with jagged pitches. But he is not a player to be removed from the entry. You have to prepare,” he said.

Manager Kim said, “I will be stressed, but I have to catch it myself. The balance was not good from the last pitching before joining the national team, but he only tried to throw hard. I don’t think it is,” he said regretfully.

Gadok Kim said, “In yesterday’s game, the speed decreased and the balance seems to have improved. Loyalty still does its part. All of them are in the 3-point range. If I get caught during the game, I will do good pitching again.”

Lee Eui-ri had the same idea. Lee Eui-ri said,먹튀검증 “It’s getting better, but it seems to be still there. I don’t know how to see it from the outside, but I think I’m getting better myself. But first of all, I’m not giving a lot of points (I’m glad). Until it gets better, that’s the best.”

Eui-ri Lee sent many runners with 8 hits and 16 walks in 13 innings in 3 games, and her WHIP per inning went up to 1.85, but she is overcoming the crisis by lowering her batting average (0.167) and improving her ability to strike out (14). If Lee Eui-ri finds his senses quickly, he could become an even more formidable player.

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