Lots of angry notes… Daejeon teacher’s complaints from parents end up in business

Red ketchup is sprinkled in front of a gimbap store카지노 in Daejeon.

There are post-it notes stuck to the store window. The note contains words containing people’s anger.

One note reads, “If you are a person, please go to the deceased teacher’s funeral right now and apologize profusely.”

A few days ago, an elementary school teacher committed suicide in Daejeon, and this place was known to be run by a parent who filed a complaint against the deceased teacher.

It is known that the teacher in question was reported as a child abuser during his lifetime and suffered harsh protests from parents.

At a hair salon in Daejeon run by another parent, there are numerous criticism notes from sharp-pointed people.

As the personal information of the parents and their children and the location of the store they run became known on the Internet, people continued to criticize the incident.

In addition to criticism, the store was also subjected to online rating attacks.

In the end, both places are said to be currently out of business. I even hear that the snack shop in question is up for real estate sale.

The snack bar franchise headquarters said, “We have taken action to suspend operations until the relevant information is confirmed.”

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