‘Life reversal’ Teaching Pro ‥ Prize money only ‘380 million won’

An American golf teaching pro is a hot topic.

He participated in the PGA Championship as an invited player and recorded a hole-in-one to rank 15th.

We received 380 million won of our money as prize money.

The 15th hole in the 4th round of the PGA Championship.

A player’s tee shot is directly inserted into the hole cup.

A perfect hole-in-one reminiscent of a basketball dunk.

As if he couldn’t believe it himself, he asked McIlroy next to him.

“It’s not, 안전놀이터 it’s not. Laurie, are you really in?”

The galleries were literally in an uproar.

The hero of the special hole-in-one that thrilled everyone was 46-year-old Michael Bullock.

He is not a ‘professional tour player’, but a ‘club pro’ who mainly teaches children, but he participated in this tournament as an invited player.

On the final day, he stood shoulder to shoulder with the best players in the world, including a fantastic hole-in-one.

After driving a lot of topics for four days, the final 15th place.

This is the highest score ever for a player invited to the ‘Club Pro’.

Block, who had been paid $150 for an hour of lessons, was delighted to say that he received $290,000, 2,000 times his hourly wage, and 380 million won of our money.

[Michael Block]
“This week has been like a dream. I never imagined something like this would happen. My life is going to change a bit in the future, but I think it’s probably in a good direction.”

A block with the phrase ‘Why not?’ engraved on a ball and made a dream that seemed impossible come true.

Right now, I am invited to the PGA Tournament next week, 

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