Lee Sang-min, 5th Election to Kim Eun-kyung, who requested ‘not to run for the next election’, “Take care of yourself”

When Kim Eun-gyeong, chairman of the Democratic Party’s innovation committee, demanded that the party’s multi-term lawmakers “resign”, Lee Sang-min (5th term, Daejeon Yoo Seong-seong), a representative screaming multi-term lawmaker, refuted, saying, “Take good care of yourself and your surroundings.” It was referring to the controversy surrounding Chairman Kim’s “remarks degrading the elderly” and rumors surrounding his personal history.On the 10th, Chairman Kim said, “Those who have served as members of the National Assembly several times and who have held both parliamentary and party positions who will decide to resign for the sake of backwardness, please boldly step forward for the future of the party.” “There are some who are not active members, but among those who have served as members several times, are preparing to run again. Please make a decision not to run for these people.”

Regarding this, Rep. Lee appeared on CBS radio ‘Park Jae-hong’s bout’ on the 11th and said, “Professor Kim Eun-kyung is not in a position to talk like that,” and said, “Take care of yourself and your surroundings.” At an event on the 30th of last month, Chairman Kim introduced that there is a claim that the value of each citizen’s vote is proportional to the remaining life span, and this claim was “very reasonable”, causing controversy. It was because it was an argument against the principle of universal and equal suffrage as stipulated by the Constitution. On the 5th of this month, Chairman Kim’s sister-in-law revealed that “Chairman Kim threatened his parents-in-law토토사이트, took away his property, and there was a discord with his widowed husband,” and is fighting the truth with Chairman Kim’s family. However, Chairman Kim did not directly respond to the controversy about himself even after completing his Innovation Committee activities. Rep. Lee’s remarks were interpreted as referring to these controversies surrounding Chairman Kim’s identity.

Rep. Lee said, “The elected position has a fixed term, and after the term ends, voters judge each time. Either he is credited or he is expelled.” At the same time, he said, “What is the ulterior motive (requesting the resignation of the multiple elections)?”

Rep. Lee also mentioned the ‘Democratic Party convention money envelope incident’ and Congressman Kim Nam-guk’s controversy related to virtual currency, saying, “Are the people who received the money different? Also, is one person with virtual currency multiple elections?” He said, “It is not a matter of distinguishing and classifying the first, second, and second elections to separate good and evil,” he said.

The Innovation Committee, led by Chairman Kim, also proposed to equalize the value of the votes of delegates with those of the right party in the Democratic Party leadership election on the 10th. Considering that under the current system, one representative vote is equivalent to 60 rights party members, it is an argument to virtually neutralize the delegate system. Inside and outside the Democratic Party, it is evaluated that this plan is advantageous to the pro-Myeong faction, which has many strong supporters of the Rights Party.

Regarding this, Rep. Lee said, “(The Innovation Committee tried to fully accept and reflect the will of the ‘dog daughters’, who support Lee Jae-myung, the Democratic Party’s representative, Kang Sung.” Rep. Lee said, “The primary target of innovation is to correct the distorted political behavior and culture within the distorted and violent party, where the so-called distorted fandom of the so-called daughters is overrepresented. , so for the party (the Innovation Committee), it was nothing but white sea.”

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