Lee Kang-hyeon, who led Chung-Ang University to a great victory, “My goal is to be 3rd or higher, I have no intention of going down”

“I’ve never thought of being below 3rd place”

Lee Kang-hyun, who led Chung-Ang University’s great victory, expressed his will to make it to the playoffs with at least 3rd place.

Chung-Ang University won 96-58 in the match against Chosun University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League, which continued at the Anseong Campus Gymnasium on the 30th. With 8 wins and 3 losses, Chung-Ang University kept its sole 3rd place.

Chung-Ang University, which was hit by Dongguk University in the last game, seemed to be in a good mood from the beginning. In particular, Lee Kang-hyun scored 12 points in the first quarter alone. With Lee Kang-hyeon’s performance, which recorded 33 points and 13 rebounds, Chung-Ang University won easily.

Lee Kang-hyun said, “We suffered a disappointing loss in the last game. We played with the mindset that we should never lose in a row because we are a team without a losing streak. However, there are also regrets. I was shaken. I told them not to show carelessness like they did before Dongguk University, but it’s a bit regrettable that they didn’t show up like that in the second quarter.”

Regarding the loss against Dongguk University last time, he said, “It was a game where a lot of things we had been protecting while playing the league were disturbed. It worked out very well in the beginning, but there was a part where we were careless as the opponents came out with the lower grades.” “I wanted to catch it. I was disappointed in the second quarter. It’s not perfect, but I think I’ve improved a little, so I think that part is good.”

Lee Kang-hyun scored 26 points in the first half of the day alone.

Lee Kang-hyun said, “I tried to attack actively. I was confident in that part. In the previous game, there was a big difference between the aggressiveness in the first quarter and the subsequent quarter, so I reflected a lot. So I tried to be more active, but the overall result was good. It seems to have come out.” I looked back.

Yang Hyeong-seok, head coach of Chung-Ang University, pointed out Lee Kang-hyeon after the match, saying, “As he showed today, he is a player with a certain ability.

Lee Kang-hyun said, “After the last game, the coach said that we need to take more responsibility along with reflection. I also felt a lot. I don’t want to suffer any more unfortunate defeats, and I think I have to take responsibility as a senior.”

The next opponent of Chung-Ang University is Korea University, which is the strongest power that is running at the lead with an undefeated march.

Lee Kang-hyeon said, “Our strength is height, and Korea University has many great players. We must not be pushed behind in height, and there are many talented players in other areas, so we plan to join forces and prepare other things to target Korea University.”

Currently, Chung-Ang University is in 3rd place with 8 wins and 3 losses. However, the pursuit of Dankook University (6 wins, 4 losses), which is in 4th place, is not easy. Dankook University, which took one step closer to the playoffs by catching Konkuk University in the last game, is also aiming to win Chung-Ang University and rise to third place by walking until the end.

Coach Yang Hyeong-seok also kept his guard on Dankook University, saying, “Dankook University plays fairly solid basketball. Our players have a weak side against opponents of that style.”

Lee Kang-hyeon also said of Dankook University, “It’s not an easy team. Even from the outside, it feels good.”먹튀검증

However, “I heard that they would catch us and take 3rd place. But we have no intention of giving 3rd place either. It is the end of the league, but if we play our games without being aware of the ranking fight, we win lightly, so I think the 3rd place will of course be the central university. “He exuded confidence.

He emphasized, “We have no intention of losing third place. Our goal is to play all the remaining games well and go above third place, and we have no intention of going down.”

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