Lee Hwa-young’s wife dismissed her husband’s lawyer… Kim Geun-sik “Struggled in the logic of the movement”

Regarding Lee Hwa-young (pictured) and his wife, former vice-governor of peace in Gyeonggi-do, who had a ‘couple fight’ in court over whether or not to dismiss their lawyer, Kim Geun-sik, a professor of political science and diplomacy at Kyungnam University, criticized, “The wife of former vice-governor Lee is floundering in the logic of the remnants카지노 of the movement that has become fossilized.” .

People’s Power Seoul Songpa-byeong Professor Kim, chairman of the Party Committee, said in an article posted on his Facebook page on the 25th, “The behavior of the wife of the former deputy governor is spectacle.” He raised the question, “My husband is telling the truth, and the lawyer is present at the time of the statement to help, so why do I scream like that and even dismiss my husband’s lawyer?”

Professor Kim said, “Could her wife know the truth about Lee Hwa-young and Lee Jae-myeong’s business in North Korea better than Lee Hwa-young herself?” did. It seems that former Vice-Governor Lee is referring to the fact that the former Vice-Governor Lee couple is not amicable over the investigation that he used the corporate card he received from Ssangbangwool with a woman other than his wife.

Regarding the fact that the wife of former deputy governor Lee seems to be more concerned about Lee Jae-myung than her husband, “The remnants of the old-fashioned movement that are still buried in camp logic and must protect and protect CEO Lee Jae-myung unconditionally, so that the power of the people should not be given political benefits.” It is because of the distorted view of justice.”

Professor Kim also said, “Another reason could be a very personal revenge mentality, saying, ‘I don’t want to look like the former deputy governor Lee’s private life, so he writes all poison and rots in prison.’”

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