‘Last for 2 consecutive years’ Seoul Samsung’s gloomy off-season moves, what is the solution?

The outlook for the next season for Seoul Samsung, which is at the bottom of professional basketball, also looks bleak. This is because key players have left, but recruitment has failed, and stable foreign players have not been secured.

The gap between the top and bottom ranks of last season is expected to widen further if the KBL announced on the 4th that the results of foreign player contract renewals and free agent (FA) contracts for each club were combined. Seoul Samsung, the ‘last place’, failed to renew the contract with a foreign player, while Seoul SK, which advanced to the championship match based in the same region, captured both ‘foreign MVP’ Jamil Warney and ‘longest foreign player’ Leon Williams.

Even in the recruitment of players, Samsung did not produce any results. Rather, he lost his leading guard by handing over to KCC Lee Ho-hyun, who was evaluated as having improved by an average of 8.28 points and 2.68 assists last season. He also tried to recruit Choi Joon-yong, the biggest player in the FA market, but was pushed back by KCC once again. On the other hand, SK recruited championship MVP Oh Se-geun from KGC and is considered a strong candidate for the championship.

As a result, Samsung’s most pressing problem, poor offensive power, seems difficult to solve. Last season, Samsung’s team average points, assists, and 3-pointers were 74.3 points, 15.4 points, and 6.8 points, respectively, which were the lowest in all three categories. Since there was no player reinforcement, there is no choice but to rely on the growth of prospective players selected as the first choice in the rookie draft for two consecutive years from 2020.

Lee Won-seok, who was selected as the first overall pick in 2021, played an active part as the team’s main axis last season, recording 9.49 points and 6.08 rebounds. However, given that 2nd place KT Ha Yoon-gi and 3rd place jumpers Lee Jung-hyun exploded in MVP-level performance with 15.29 points, 6.35 rebounds and 15.02 points and 4.23 assists, respectively, the overall influence was disappointing. Cha Min-seok, the ‘first high school graduate’, only scored an average of 3.29 points in 14 games due to an injury. For now, the growth and performance of the two players is Samsung’s only solution to getting out of last place.안전놀이터

Ace’s resurrection is also essential. After Lee Ho-hyun left the team, the only authentic point guard left was actually Kim Si-rae. However, last season, Kim Shi-rae suffered from a small injury and recorded the worst performance since his debut season with 7.04 points and 3.17 assists in an average of 22 minutes and 36 seconds per game.토토사이트

The club is in the position that it is looking for various ways such as foreign players. A Seoul Samsung official said in a phone call with the Seoul Shinmun on the 4th, “It is not that there was no intention or movement to recruit players. “It is not yet in a specific stage, but we are comprehensively reviewing foreign player recruitment, Asian quotas, trades, and new player selection,” he said.

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