‘KPGA Opening Day’ Everything about the DB Insurance Promy Open

‘The 18th DB Insurance Promy Open’, which is the ninth opening match this year,

‘DB Insurance Promy Open’ is the 8th KPGA Korean Tour from 2014 to 2019 and from 2021 to 2023. will be held as the opening game of DB Insurance, the organizer, is the title sponsor of the 18th KPGA Korean Tour, starting with the 2005 ‘Dongbu Fire & Marine Promi Cup 48th KPGA Championship’. In addition, DB Insurance sponsors Moon Do-yeop (32), Seo Yo-seop (27), Jang Hee-min (21), etc., and is a great help to the development of KPGA. A total of 144 players will participate in the ’18th DB Insurance Promy Open’, which is held as a 72-hole stroke play in the fourth round


After the 2nd round, the top 60 pros (including ties) advance to the 3rd round. The winner of the competition will be awarded 3 seed years (2024-2026) and 1,000 Genesis points.

Held at Raviebel CC for 2 years in a row

This competition will be held at the Old Course in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do for the 2nd year in a row after 2021. The course record of the Old Course at Ravier Bell CC is 62 strokes (par 71). It was established by Lee Hyung-jun (31. Welcome Savings Bank), who recorded 10 birdies and 1 bogey in the second round of last year’s tournament.

This year, the par value is set at par 72. Length increased by 30 yards. Hole 11, which was a par 4 hole in 2022, was created as a par 5 hole. Hole 11 is the most difficult hole in the 2022 tournament. In the 11th hole for four days, 143 bogies, 24 double bogeys, and 3 triple bogies were mass-produced. The average number of strokes was 4.43, far exceeding the standard number of strokes of 4.

‘Defending Champion’ Park Sang-hyun, the first ever in history to win twice and challenge for two consecutive wins In

11 competitions from the 2011 competition hosted exclusively by DB Insurance to last year (2020 was not held due to the aftermath of the spread of Corona 19), all of these competitions were held individually. produced another winner. This means that no player has yet recorded two consecutive wins or two championships.

Park Sang-hyun (40, Dong-A Pharmaceutical), the champion of the 2022 competition, is aiming for two consecutive wins and two championships for the first time in the history of the competition. Park Sang-hyun entered the final round in a tie for 9th place, 5 strokes behind the solo leader at last year’s tournament, and achieved a come-from-behind victory by reducing 4 strokes in one day.
Park Sang-hyun said, “Winning the 2022 competition is meaningful. It was because he won the opening game for the first time since his tour debut and won the championship while playing in front of fans in two years,” he said. I think the key is to adapt quickly to the competition course. The goal is, of course, to defend the title.”

Park Sang-hyun, who has accumulated 13 wins (11 domestic wins and 2 Japanese tour wins) since entering the tour in 2005, has never successfully defended his title. Meanwhile, Park Sang-hyun has earned 4,386,566,753 won in prize money by the 2022 season, and is ranked first in the country’s total prize money. When he wins this tournament, he will win 4,526,566,753 won, exceeding the total prize money of 4.5 billion won in Korea.

In addition to Park Sang-hyun, Moon Do-yeop, Choi Jin-ho (39. Cowell), Lee Dong-min (38. Dong-a Otsuka), Lee Ki-sang (37. Golf T), Kang Gyeong-nam (40. Daeseon Casting), lifting the championship cup as a member of the Armed Forces Sports Corps in the 2015 main event Heo In-hoe (36, Geumgang House), who won the title of the first Korean player to win the championship as an active soldier, is also on the list of contestants and plans to devote himself to the second championship of the ‘DB Insurance Promy Open’. Garam Jeon (28), who reached the top at the ’14th DB Insurance Promy Open’ in 2018, has a return match through this competition after being discharged from the military last year.

Moon Do-yeop, Seo Yo-seop, and Jang Hee-min aiming for the champion spot at the main sponsor’s tournament Do-yeop Moon, Seo Yo-seop,

and Jang Hee-min, who are sponsored by DB Insurance, are aiming for the champion spot at the main sponsor’s tournament. Moon Do-yeop will tour in 2019, Seo Yo-seop in 2021, and Jang Hee-min from this year wearing a hat with the words DB Insurance and a logo.

Among them, Yoseop Seo deserves attention. Seo Yo-seop won two consecutive victories at the ‘Bodyfriend Phantom Robo Gunsan CC Open’ and ‘LX Championship’ last year. Until the ‘Golf Zone-Toray Open’, the tournament right before his final match, he was ranked first in Genesis points, and the first ‘Genesis Grand Prize’ in his life was likely to be awarded. However, they tied for 15th in the final game, ‘LG SIGNATURE Players Championship’, and finished the season in second place in Genesis points, behind Kim Young-soo (34, Alumni Construction), who won the championship at the time.

Seo Yo-seop said, “As the opening match approaches, I will put the regretful memories behind me. We are well prepared for this season. The tee shot is also stable, and the ability to use putts and approach shots around the green is much better than last year.” If I win the opening game, my confidence will increase to achieve my goal.”

“I will participate in the competition with pride representing DB Insurance. We will repay our gratitude to our main sponsor by winning.” Since his debut on the KPGA Korean Tour in 2016, Seo Yo-seop has participated in the ‘DB Insurance Promy Open’ 6 times. Among them, he passed the cut twice in the 2018 tournament and the 2022 tournament. His best result was a tie for 10th at the ’17th DB Property Insurance Pro Me Open’ last year.

On the other hand, the player who won the most recent competition held by the main sponsor was Moon Do-yeop of DB Insurance, and Moon Do-yeop rose to the top at the 2021 ’16th DB Insurance Promy Open’ hosted by DB Insurance.

“ It is a point to watch before the opening game to watch the performances of the ‘reserve’ returning to the tour and the ‘rookie’ returning to the tour after completing military service and the rookie players. Including Garam Jeon, Kim Tae-woo (30. Purun Partners Asset Management), who has 1 win in total, and Lee Seung-taek (28), the “Brown Bear” who holds the KPGA Korean Tour record for the lowest number of strokes in 18 holes (60 strokes), and Kim Jong-hak (26. Pyeongtaek Premium Outlets) , Ko In-seong (30. Home Center Holdings), and Park Hyeon-seo (23) applied for a return to the tour after being discharged.

Among them, 4 players, excluding Kim Tae-woo and Lee Seung-taek, will participate in the ’18th DB Insurance Promy Open’. Lee Seung-taek will participate in the Asian Tour ‘International Series Vietnam’. The most recent player who immediately won the championship after returning from military service is Maeng Dong-seop (36. BRIC), who won the 2017 ‘13th Dongbu Fire Promy Open’.

Attention is focusing on what kind of report cards new players entering the 2023 tour will receive on the opening stage. There are 19 new players making their debut on this year’s tour, and all of them will participate in this tournament. Representative rookies include Kim Sang-hyun (29.CM Tech), who won the seed this season by ranking first in Srixon points in the 2022 KPGA Srixon Tour, and Park Hyung-wook (24), a former national team member who won two wins on the KPGA Srixon Tour last year, and Yoo-seok Lee. (24. Woosung Construction), etc. The rookie player who won the most recent opening match is Kim Gyeong-tae (37. Shinhan Financial Group) who won the opening match ‘Tomato Savings Bank Open’ in 2007.

Seong-Hyun Ahn, the youngest player to participate and the youngest to pass the cut,

Seong-Hyun Ahn (14.A) of the national team will participate in this tournament as a recommended player for the second year in a row following last year. Ahn Seong-hyun participated in the 2022 ‘17th DB Damage Insurance Promy Open’ at the age of 12 years, 11 months and 16 days and missed the cut, but established the record for the youngest player to participate in the KPGA Korean Tour. The previous record was held by Kim Si-woo (28. CJ Logistics), who participated in the 2010 Shinhan Donghae Open at the age of 15 years, 3 months and 2 days.

In addition, Ahn Seong-hyun passed the cut at the age of 13 years, 3 months and 19 days at the ‘Biz Play Electronic Newspaper Open’ in 2022, setting the record for the youngest KPGA Korean Tour to pass the cut. The previous record was 14 years and 24 days, set by Kang Seong-hun (36) at the 2001 Meteor Open.

Ahn Seong-hyun participated in 3 KPGA Korean Tour tournaments in 2022 and was eliminated from the cut in 2 tournaments except for the ‘Biz Play Electronic Newspaper Open’, which tied for 28th place. This is the first time an amateur player has won the championship at the DB Insurance Promy Open, and Lee Chang-woo (31), who is currently serving in the military, competed as an amateur in 2013 and rose to the top.

Realizing the value of sharing by holding the ‘Buddy of Love’ event again this year

DB Insurance, the organizer, takes the lead in realizing the value of sharing by holding the ‘Buddy of Love’ event again this year. ‘Buddy of Love’ started in 2012 and is a social contribution activity that accumulates a certain amount of money whenever players record a birdie during the tournament and delivers it to the underprivileged and neighbors. It provides a great meaning of social public interest activities through golf tournaments.

Free admission to the gallery ‘Golf fans from all over the country gather!’

‘The 18th DB Insurance Promy Open’ is free of charge for any golf fan who wants to watch the tournament. As it is the opening game, it is a great consideration from the organizers for golf fans from all over the country, including local residents.카지노사이트 Gallery souvenirs will also be presented for each round. More information and online events can be found on the official Facebook account of ‘DB Insurance Promy Open’. The gallery parking lot is located at San 166, Joyang-ri, Haengsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do. Gallery shuttle buses are available every 15 to 20 minutes from one hour before the start of the game from the first round to the final round.

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