KPGA long hitter Jung Chan-min declares his advances to the United States… “My Competitive Power”

Jung Chan-min, the longest hitter in men’s golf in Korea, has announced that he will advance to the United States. Chan-min Jung’s driver average distance is comparable to the PGA’s highest level, so his competitiveness is sufficient.

Reporter Kim Gwan met Jeong Chan-min.

He is 188cm tall and weighs 110kg. A strong impression of a bushy beard. His personal best for drivers is 372m.

Jung Chan-min, who has a strong physical condition, added his extraordinary flexibility to his long hitting secret.

“Because I’m a bit flexible for this size…”

I do a lot of stretching exercises, especially to increase my lower body muscles.

As a long hitter representing the KPGA, he asked for advice for amateur golfers.

“It’s not enough to give strength at the top of the backswing, but it’s enough to give strength from the waist…” When

asked about his mindset on the field, asking whether he also played like that, a rather simple answer came back.

“I think I’m just looking for the fairway. I think that mindset is the first.”

This year is the second year of the KPGA, “My goal is to go to the PGA Tour as soon as possible…” I have already decided that my competitiveness is sufficient.

“First of all,안전놀이터 it’s a long hitting power, but I think I’ll probably be competitive if I go to the PGA with a little more shot-making.”

If you are in the top 30 in the prize money rankings on the PGA 2nd Tour, you can get a ticket. 

Jeong Chan-min, who will be bolder and more aggressive. Swing vigorously toward the bright sun.

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