Korea Customs Service “Similar to fraudulent parcels, inflating sales performance, return without contents”

Regarding the recent situation where unidentified parcels are being delivered across the country, the Korea Customs Service announced that it is immediately holding customs clearance for mails that have the same or similar origins as these mails.

The Korea Customs Service announced on the 22nd스포츠토토 that it was implementing emergency customs clearance measures for international mail and express items in cooperation with the Korea Post and special delivery companies from the 21st in relation to ‘unconfirmed international mail’ that has recently been reported in Korea.

First, customs clearance was immediately suspended for mails with the same or similar shipping information (overseas sender, destination, etc.) as the previous ‘unconfirmed international mail’. It also explained that it is taking the same measures as soon as additional information on ‘unconfirmed international mail’ is obtained from the Korea Post and the police.

Considering that this ‘unconfirmed international mail’ was brought in in a similar form to ‘scam cargo’, in which mail and express cargo without product value or contents are randomly sent to ‘unspecified addresses in Korea’ for the purpose of inflating sales performance, etc. by overseas sellers, customs inspection results show that if it is confirmed as a scam cargo, it will immediately suspend customs clearance and take overseas return measures.

For example, items that are judged to have no contents or are worthless in the X-ray inspection of customs may be mentioned.

The Korea Customs Service said, “We urge you not to open international mail or express shipments that you did not order or sent from unrelated places.”

Meanwhile, a total of 987 cases of 112 reports on suspicious packages delivered from Taiwan and elsewhere were received nationwide on the 21st. Suspicious reports related to international mail are still being received on the 22nd, and the cumulative number of reports is expected to increase further.

Regarding this issue, the Taiwanese representative office in Korea announced, “As a result of the investigation, it was found that the parcel was initially sent from China, passed through Taiwan, and finally reached Korea.”

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