Kim Young-kwon “My goal is treble… I play to not leave any regrets about soccer”

What Ulsan Hyundai coach Hong Myung-bo emphasizes most is ‘winning mentality’ before tactics and individual skills. Kim Young-kwon is a representative player who understands the attitude of a winner, ‘Hong Ja-al’.

I had a phone interview with Kim Young-kwon on the 10th. Kim Young-kwon played full-time during Ulsan’s 6-game winning streak in the Hana One Q K League 1 2023. In the meantime, he went to the national team and was congratulated for joining the Century Club. Talking with Kim Young-kwon, I was able to hear not only the beginning of the season smoothly, but also the secret to Ulsan becoming stronger, the goal of winning three crowns this year, and the mindset of a father who does not want to imagine his daughter dating.

– This year, the AFC Champions League (ACL) starts in the second half, so there is still room in the league schedule. However, Kim Young-kwon is one of the only four players in Ulsan who played full-time, and the national team also played full-time in both games. It’s getting to be a tough time for him, but

he’s still in good shape. The schedule is always busy with the AFC Champions League (ACL) around this time of year, but this year, the ACL starts in the second half, so I have time. It’s time to make up for our team’s problems.

– The performance shown in the K-League seems to be steady. Now that you are 33 years old, what are you doing to maintain and develop your skills?

It may be a very personal story, but the older I get, the stronger I feel that I will not leave any regrets about soccer. I want to leave a memory that I worked hard even when I thought about it in the distant future. So rather work harder. Passionately immersed in football. I don’t want to be stared at by people around me saying, ‘I’m getting older and I’m sagging.’ Maybe that’s why I keep my skills well. Of course, our children are also an important motivator. – I personally have a trainer

to make some effort to maintain my skills even after becoming a veteran .

From the diet to the lack of training, he takes care of everything. My trainer is almost at the level of staying together. He watches over all my games and checks what goes well and what goes wrong. For example, if you seem to have poor endurance or struggle to fight well these days, we will reinforce related exercises.

– The secret to Ulsan’s 6 consecutive victories without being shaken

is the influence of coach Hong Myung-bo. It’s a team with a lot of famous players, but you never want to play alone. He always wants team play and emphasizes sacrifice. Aren’t the players aware of that, so it’s going well?

– The claim is Jeong Seung-hyun. However, I know coach Hong well and I think I will play a lot of roles as a senior player, but

I ask my junior players, “Look at the person next to you one more time,” “I want you to think that the person next to you is more difficult than me.” I tend to tell him once in a while that I can see him not sacrificing, or if I feel like I’ll forget that principle, something I’ve always considered important while playing soccer.

– Starting with the language you are using now, it is the exact opposite of what director Hong said. It’s ‘Hongjalal’. When you train, you will see a player who thinks, ‘It’s time for him to be called by the coach’.

right There are times like that. A player who thinks it’s time to get scolded stands out, but he is called without fail. On the other hand, I can see players that the coach likes well. For example, (Seol) Youngwoo. He is sincere and consistent both at the training ground and at the stadium. So I thought he would like it, and I get the feeling that he actually likes it.

– Ulsan seems to have become a team that is not nervous ahead of important matches. After winning a come-from-behind victory over Jeonbuk at the end of last year, coach Hong gave a lot of meaning to it.

I’m not a player who came in the middle. When I joined the team last year, the players were too conscious about Jeonbuk or the winning team. If we are ahead in points anyway, Jeonbuk should be more impatient, but I couldn’t understand why the players were constantly conscious and anxious. The reason Ulsan always slipped might be that they care too much. I don’t care about my original personality. I tend to care more about my team than the opposing team. Now, much of the atmosphere of the past has disappeared. In the future, not only me, but all of our team just needs to do our best.

– Recently, I almost scored a goal for the national team, but it was invalidated after video review. In the national team, he scored 8 goals, including youth, especially in major competitions. On the other hand, in the pro, it is only 6 goals including cup competition during that long career.

Well, I guess I’m out of luck with the pros. To be honest, I don’t really think about scoring goals. Somehow, the national team scores goals like that. I really don’t know why my team is scoring less.

– What are your goals for this season? If we talk about Ulsan’s winning mentality, Kim Young-kwon is the player who has been eating the championship.

Of course, we aim to win all competitions. In particular, he thinks how good it would be if he did a treble (three crowns) up to the ACL. He won two ACL titles with Guangzhou and a lot of domestic championships, but if I remember correctly there was no treble season.

– To win the treble, you must defeat a team from West Asia. The atmosphere there isn’t unusual these days. Cristiano Ronaldo or another player with an annual salary of over 100 billion won may be created.

No matter who comes up, I think we can win with team vs team.

– Does the veteran Kim Young-kwon have a brother to ask for advice when he is having a hard time

? First of all, he is a older brother than me and his experience is enormous no matter who sees it. He is the one who made a mark in the Korean soccer world. Cheong-yong consults with his older brother about his worries and seeks advice. I see them every day and share my thoughts, so I ask them if they have any difficulties.

– There are often people waiting for TV appearances. They appear on TV centering on parenting entertainment, but they say it’s tantalizing because it’s so infrequent.

I am willing. Because my kids can come on the air and make fun memories. I want to leave at least one more good memory from my childhood. However, there are currently no scheduled appearances. Isn’t every parent’s child beautiful? I especially like my three children. Lia was born really well. You’re pretty. Rihyeoni and Rijae are also said to be good-looking to anyone who sees them. This may seem a bit extreme, but it is.

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