Kim Si-yoon Grand Prix Challenge winner… Korea, 1 gold and 1 silver on the first day

The ‘World Taekwondo Grand Prix Challenge’, which will be an opportunity to grow as a world-class taekwondo player, opened on the 15th.

The World Taekwondo Federation held the G1-class ‘World Taekwondo Grand Prix Challenge’ for three days from the 15th to the 17th at Taekwondowon in Muju, where mid-to-low ranking players who do not have a chance to participate in the Grand Prix can participate.

In Korea, on the first day of the competition, Kim Si-yoon (안전놀이터Yongin University) won the men’s -58kg class. Against Thailand’s Mahamad Sirawit, he won the championship by beating Thailand’s Mahamad Sirawit with a round score of 2-0 (15-1, 28-3) with his quick feet and menacing head attack.

In the women’s -49kg class, Seo-Lin Oh (Keimyung University) lost to Tien Yu Orange in the final with a round score of 0-2, earning her a silver medal. Received the right to participate in the World Taekwondo Grand Prix in Taiyuan, where up to 2nd place is given. 

In the women’s -57kg class, four Korean athletes competed and ended up with no medals.

The 1st and 2nd place finishers in each weight category of the ‘Muju Taekwondowon 2023 Grand Prix Challenge’ competition to be held this time are eligible to participate in the ‘2023 Taiyuan World Taekwondo Grand Prix Series (October 10-12)’ held in China in October at the G6 level. will get

However, if the 1st and 2nd place players are from the same nationality, the second place will be given to the next ranked player from another nationality.

The Grand Prix Challenge is only open to athletes ranked 71st or lower in the Olympic rankings as of last May. A maximum of 3 players from each country can participate in each weight class. The host country can add one more participant, and Korea can participate up to four.

Up to 3 players per weight class per country are allowed to compete. The host country can enter up to four players by adding one. A total of 32 people, 4 in 8 weight classes, were recommended by the Korea Taekwondo Association’s Performance Improvement Committee.

Domestic and foreign players who placed 1st and 2nd in the Muju Taekwondowon 2022 Grand Prix Challenge, which debuted last year, won the right to participate in the Manchester 2022 Grand Prix. Among them, Korea’s Park Tae-joon (Kyunghee University, M-58kg) and Seo Geon-woo (Hanchesi University, M-80kg) created a sensation by winning the ‘Manchester 2022 Grand Prix’ by surprise.

Meanwhile, in the afternoon of the same day, the ‘WT Central Training Center Operation Revitalization Ceremony’ was held. WT President Cho Jung-won, Jeollabuk-do Governor Kim Gwan-young, Muju-gun Governor Hwang In-hong, Korea Taekwondo Association President Yang Jin-bang and Taekwondo Promotion Foundation Acting Chairman Lee Jong-gap attended the event.

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