Kim Min-jae rejected the ‘first offer’ to re-contract with Naples… Disagreement between club and agent could not be narrowed 

 From the first proposal, both the club and the players could not be satisfied. 

Napoli’s key defender, Kalidou Koulibaly, left ahead of this season and was replaced by Kim Min-jae. Despite the fact that it was his first season after the transfer, Kim Min-jae showed off tremendous defensive power, making it impossible for Napoli fans to feel Koulibaly’s absence at all. 

Kim Min-jae has grown into one of Europe’s best defenders, contributing greatly to Napoli’s rise to the top of the league, along with winning the ‘Player of the Month’ award for September in Serie A. 

Napoli, which had a buyout clause of about 48 million euros (about 67.5 billion won) at the time of the contract, was bound to become anxious due to Kim Min-jae’s performance. This is because the possibility of sending a top-notch defender at a low price has increased. Some clubs, including Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain, are said to be already willing to pay for his buyout.

In the end, while Napoli started discussing renewal of the contract with Kim Min-jae even before the first season was over, news appeared that Napoli’s first offer had already been delivered to Kim Min-jae.

Italian media ‘Calcio Napoli 24’ reported on the 28th (Korean time) that “Napoli’s first proposal was opposed by agent Kim Min-jae.” 

Calcio Napoli 24 said, “Kim Min-jae’s future has become the most important topic this week. Currently, he has a clause that is only valid for foreign clubs from July 1 to 15. With that clause, Napoli will receive 48 million euros regardless of the club. You can get a profit between 70 million euros (approximately 67.5 billion won to 98.4 billion won).” 

According to the Calcio Naples report, Kim Min-jae’s accounting asset value this summer is 9.2 million euros (approximately 12.9 billion won) including depreciation. If Napoli sells Kim Min-jae for 70 million euros, the profit to be obtained is a whopping 60.8 million euros (approximately 85.5 billion won). 

However, Napoli prioritize renewing the contract with Kim Min-jae despite the immediate benefits.

Regarding the situation related to the contract renewal between Min-jae Kim and Napoli, Calcio Napoli 24 said, “Agent Kim Min-jae will pursue his interests so that he can earn as much money as possible. wants to catch him, but I know it won’t be easy.”

“Napoli is ready to raise the current net salary of 2.5 million euros (about 3.5 billion won) to 4 million euros (about 5.6 billion won) including bonuses. It seems that the target was about 7 billion won)” and explained that the difference in salary between the two sides was about 1 million euros. 

Recently, news has spread through the media that other big clubs other than Napoli are already preparing about 5 million euros for Kim Min-jae’s annual salary, so it is expected that Napoli will not be easy to catch Kim Min-jae by sticking to a small salary.

In order to raise the value of Kim Min-jae,안전놀이터 Naples, who is negotiating a renewal contract, gives up up to the annual salary limit set by them and catches Min-jae Kim and pays an annual salary that recognizes his value, and attention is paid to whether the negotiation will succeed.

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