Kim Jong-un visits the Naval Command… Daughter Joo-ae appeared after 3 months

 North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited the Naval Command with his daughter Ju-ae on the occasion of the North Korean Navy Day.

On the 29th, the Labor Newspaper, the official newspaper of the Workers’ Party of Korea, reported that Chairman Kim visited the Korean People’s Army (North Korean Army) Naval Command on the 27th, one day before the Navy Day on the 28th, and encouraged the soldiers to congratulate them.

Chairman Kim said, “I expressed the belief that all the officers and men of the Navy will unite and open the heyday of the independent development of the naval force토토사이트 without fail.”

Chairman Kim said, “Let’s continue to show high the mightiness of the heroic People’s Navy and fight bravely and stubbornly to the end in order to further shine its honor.”

After receiving a report on the naval operation plan from the Navy Commander, Chairman Kim said, “In line with the strategic and tactical intentions of the Party Central Committee, we firmly hold the initiative in any unexpected armed conflict situation or war and establish an overwhelming suppression of the enemy with a preemptive and resolute offensive.” Suggested tactical policies for independent naval operations to do so,” the newspaper reported.

In addition, the newspaper reported that Chairman Kim had arrived at the Naval Command “with his beloved son”. This refers to his daughter Joo-ae.

Joo Ae did not appear after the on-site guidance of Chairman Kim’s reconnaissance satellite launch preparation committee, which was reported on May 17, and appeared after three months this time.

The visit was accompanied by Ri Pyong-cheol, former secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Park Jeong-cheon, former vice chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party of Korea, and Defense Minister Kang Sun-nam.

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