Kim Ho-cheol challenged volleyball ‘Hall of Fame’ Korean first coach Park Man-bok

Could this be the second case? Women’s professional volleyball IBK Industrial Bank announced on the 7th that coach Kim Ho-cheol, who is holding the baton of his team, was nominated for admission to the Volleyball Hall of Fame.

If coach Kim is inducted into the Hall of Fame, it is not the first case for a Korean volleyball player. There is a volleyball player who entered the Hall of Fame before coach Kim.

The main character is the late director Park Man-bok. He was the first Korean volleyball player to be named in the leadership category. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2016.

Former coach Park served as the head coach of the Korean women’s volleyball team in 1973, and then moved to Peru and took command of the Peruvian women’s volleyball team from 1974 to 1992. The Peruvian women’s volleyball team, led by coach Park, won a silver medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

He once again coached the Peruvian women’s volleyball team from 1999 to 2001. He was regarded as the ‘Godfather of Peruvian volleyball’ when he was leading the Peruvian national team, and passed away in Lima, Peru in September 2019.

The Volleyball Hall of Fame took its first step in Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA. The starting point was that in 1971, the Holyoke Chamber of Commerce established a special committee to create a volleyball hall of fame in the area known as the birthplace of volleyball.

The special committee was launched in 1978 as the Volleyball Hall of Fame. The first inductee was William Morgan, who invented volleyball. Morgan first started playing volleyball in 1895 at the YMCA in Holyoke. He was named in 1985.

Hall of Fame candidates include players, coaches, officials and organizations. The first male player to be inducted into the Hall of Fame is Eugene Selznick (USA). The first other than an American player was Yuri Chessennov (former Soviet Union, Russia), who was named in 2000.

Morita Junko (Japan), a member of the gold medal at the 1972 Munich Olympics, is the first from Asia. As a female player, Flo Hyman (USA) was inducted in the same year (1988) as Selznick. Among non-Americans is Ina Ruskal (former Soviet Union, Azerbaijan) who was named in 2000.

The Asian player is Shirai Takako (Japan), who was inducted in the same year as Ryuscal. As a leader, Harry Wilson (USA) became the first inductee.메이저놀이터 The first non-American leader to be named was Matsudaira Yasutaka (Japan) in 1998.

Andres Christiansen (Sweden), who visited Korea at the end of last month (March) and met a student as a volleyball teacher of Korean Air coach Tommy Tillikainen (Finland), was also inducted in 2017 following former coach Park.

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