Kim Cheong-yong (Inha) and Hwang Jun-seo (Gyeongnam) missed a cycling hit… 4 consecutive victories in Goryeo and Inha

If a pitcher dreams of shutting out, the hitter’s dream can be said to be a hitter for the cycle (cycling hit). In the 2023 KUSF Korea Baseball U-League, there were no doubles even after hitting home runs and triples, so unfortunately two batters withdrew just before the hit for the cycle. Inha University Kim Cheong-yong and Kyungnam University Hwang Jun-seo were the main characters. In the midst of this, Korea University and Inha University are running at the top of the group alone with a 4-game winning streak. On the 21st, the 6th day of the College Baseball U-League, it is a round-up of matches in four stadiums.

Chung-Ang University and Jeju International University followed Korea University’s 4 wins, and
Korea University beat Kyung Hee University 6-3 and won 4 consecutive victories in Group A, which continued at the Hongcheon Baseball Stadium in Gangwon-do. Korea University scored 2 runs with Kim Eung-joo’s preemptive timely hit and follow-up infield grounder in the 4th inning with no out 2nd and 3rd base against 0-0. In the 8th inning, he scored 3 runs and beat Kyung-hee, who pursued him. Kyung Hee University has 1 win and 3 losses,

and Jeju International University and Chung-Ang University have 3 wins and 1 loss, beating Kyungmin University and Seoul Culture and Arts University.

After exchanging home runs with Kyungmin University, Jeju International University came from behind to win 6-3, and Chung-Ang University hit 7th and second baseman Choi Hyeon-gyu got 2 hits and 4 RBIs in 3 at-bats, including a 3-run homer in the 4th inning, and started on the mound from the 4th inning. Tae-Woo Kim, who kept the , won 9-2, 7 cold games against Seoul Culture and Arts University while going 4 innings and striking out 5, riding the wind of winning streak.

Inha University, Sungkyunkwan University continue undefeated and form a leading group
In the Group B league held at Hoengseong Baseball Stadium in Gangwon-do, Inha University and Sungkyunkwan University are running undefeated.

In the face of Shin Ansan University, Inha University recorded all of the starting hits with 21 hits, including two home runs by Park Jung-hoon and Kim Cheong-yong, and won 4 consecutive wins by defeating them with a 20-3, 7th inning call game. Kim Chung-yong and Kim Seo-won, who are the sole leaders,

each scored 3 hits, and 7 of the starting hitters showed off their overwhelming batting skills with multi-hits. In particular, Kim Cheong-yong recorded a single hit and a triple, including a 3-run home run in the 6th inning, but missed the hit of the cycle because he did not have a double hit.

In addition, Sungkyunkwan University won 6-3 against Korea Golf University, which responded with Kim Chan-bin’s home run, and continued undefeated (3 wins, 1 tie) with Kim Dong-hyun’s 4 at-bats, 3 hits and 2 RBIs, including a 1-run home run. Korea Golf University failed to maintain its momentum against Shin Ansan University the previous day and ended with 1 win and 3 losses.

For Yonsei, starting pitcher Lee Seung-hun blocked 7 innings with 4 hits (1 home run), 5 strikeouts and 1 run, and Dong-jun Lee, Do-gyeom Lee and Seung-wan Ko scored 10 runs with 11 hits with 3 home runs, defeating Dongwon University 10-1 the previous day in Gangneung Yeong-dong. 3-4, escaping from the shock of defeat by 1 point, they recorded 2 wins and 2 losses, and Gangneung Yeongdong University and Dankook University tied 8-8 after a fierce battle, exchanging 19 hits. Gangneung Yeongdong University has 1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses, and Dankook University has 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss.

Dongwon Science and Technology University, leading alone with 9 points
In the Group C league, which continued at Pohang Baseball Stadium in Gyeongbuk, Dongwon Science and Technology University took the sole lead with 9 points.

In the bottom of the 5th inning against 3-3, Dongwon University of Science and Technology took Kim Tae-eon, who came out with a superior triple, and Son Yong-joon brought home with a double in mid-month and won Dong-dong University 4-3, winning the first 4 wins (1 draw and 1 loss). Dongwon Science and Technology University’s bullpens, including starter Kim Joo-hoon and Hong Joon-yeong, Park Bin-je, and Kim Min-jae, who took over the mound in the 4th inning, blocked Dong-eui University’s batting line with only one hit and no run during 5⅓ innings.

Kyungnam University’s 5th hitter Hwang Jun-seo hit 4 hits in 4 at-bats including a home run, and played 5 on-base games, led the batting line and defeated Yeungnam University 3-2, winning 3 wins and 1 loss. He suffered a series of defeats and was relegated to the middle ranks. Hwang Jun-seo also hit two singles, a triple, and a home run that day, missing a cycling hit as there were no doubles.

Busan National University of Science and Technology’s 7th hitter Kim Seung-hyun went 3 at-bats with 3 hits and 3 RBIs, and Kim Min-beom and Park Min-hyuk each scored 2 RBIs. Pusan ​​National University of Science and Technology’s ace Lim Jeong-hyung threw 2⅔innings, 1 walk, and 2 strikeouts despite a no-hit, and Choi Hyun-seok and Lim Dong-hwan threw together, showing composure to lead to a victory.

Meanwhile, Dong-A University’s Jeong Seon-woo (4 innings, 1 run) and Son Ju-hwan (5 innings scoreless) teamed up to give up 7 walks, but with only 3 hits, Keimyung University blocked the batting line, striking out 11 and winning 6-2 with only 6 hits. did. Dong-A University had 3 wins and 1 loss, and Keimyung University suffered 2 consecutive losses after 2 consecutive wins.

Wonkwang University lost 1 in a big inning in the top of the 1st inning and then ran for 3 consecutive wins

As the batting line exploded belatedly, the Hanil High School won a reversal victory over the Chosun University of Technology 14-6 and continued their undefeated streak (3 wins, 1 draw). Chosun University of Science and Technology had 12 batters at the end of the second inning and tied Koo Chang-joon’s 3-run home run and 6 hits and 3 walks, raising momentum by tying up 6 runs, but failed to attack Lee Geun-hyuk, a Korean-Japanese tall man who came on the mound from the 3rd inning, giving an excuse for a major defeat. ended up

Lee Geun-hyeok contributed to the victory with 2 hits and 11 strikeouts in 5.2 innings, and Kang Eun-ho, who served as the leadoff designated hitter, went 3 at-bats with 3 RBIs and multi-hit all 4 through 8 batters with 12 hits. In the beginning of the first inning , Wonkwang

University scored 7 points by tying 5 walks and 3 hits in the first inning. . Howondae also pursued fiercely, scoring 4 points with Cho Jae-woong’s sweeping triple hit in the middle left in the 5th inning with no bases loaded, but as the mound collapsed, they lost 5 runs one after another and fell into a swamp of 5 consecutive losses.스포츠토토

At the end of the 9th inning, when Chungwoon University was trailing 3-9 and losing heavily, they jumped on 6 walks, 2 hits and 1 error, and scored 6 points, balancing 9-9 with 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, Donggang University 1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses. done.

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