KFA notice of ‘disapproval’… Naples-Mallorca visit to Korea 2 consecutive rounds, final collapse

Kim Min-jae’s team Napoli (Italy) and Lee Kang-in’s team Mallorca (Spain)’s two friendly visits to Korea were all canceled.

On the 25th, the Korea Football Association (KFA) notified the promoters ‘Untouchable Sports Group’ and ‘Stadium X’, which are preparing for the domestic friendly match between Naples and Mallorca, that the friendly match will not be held.

The promoter and Stadium X have prepared two friendly matches between the two teams on the 8th and 10th of next month at Seoul World Cup Stadium and Goyang Sports Complex. However, on June 10, when the second game was held, six K-League games were scheduled, so it was canceled on the 19th due to opposition from the Korea Professional Football Federation.

Afterwards, KFA asked the two companies to reply if they were willing to hold only the first game, and put a ‘condition’ on them to prove whether they had the financial capacity to plan a big event such as a foreign team’s visit to Korea. This was a device to prevent accidents such as the ‘Ronaldo No Show’ incident that occurred during Juventus (Italy)’s visit to Korea in the past.

KFA requests ▲ deposits worth billions of won or ▲ 800 million won, which is about 10% of the expected revenue from the first game, and submits a special agreement (insurance certificate) regarding the method of financial compensation in preparation for unexpected events such as a ‘no-show’ by the athletes. did.메이저놀이터

KFA was supposed to receive related documents by the morning of the 25th, but it was delayed. I didn’t get a reply that satisfies the conditions until the afternoon.

In the end, KFA informed the promoter that it would be difficult for Naples and Mallorca to visit Korea, and the friendly match was ultimately cancelled. 

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