‘Keon Se-geun!’ Oh Se-geun, 9th place in the finals total appearances, 7th place in scoring

Oh Se-geun, who is continuing his MVP-level performance in the championship game, broke two records.

Anyang KGC Oh Se-geun started the 5th game of the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Championship Match against Seoul SK at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 3rd.

Oh Se-geun,ㅋㅋㅋ벳 who had played in 25 championship games before this day, was tied for 10th place with Ham Ji-hoon (Hyundai Mobis). He entered the 5th game and recorded 26 appearances, and tied for 9th with Lim Jae-hyun (former Orions).

Oh Se-geun showed off his scoring ability from the first quarter. He received a pass from Byun Jun-hyung and scored under the goal and fast break, and scored 8 points in the first quarter alone with a mid-range shot and a footback.

Oh Se-geun, who was in 8th place with 432 points in the championship match, surpassed the 433 points of Terrence Leder (former E-Land) in 7th place by adding points. There is a high possibility that Oh Se-geun will rank 6th in total scoring within the series with SK. 6th place is Lee Sang-min (former Samsung) with 459 points.

Total scoring ranking in the championship match *As of the end of the first quarter of the SK-KGC 5th game,
1st Kim Joo-seong (former DB) 653 points
2nd place Seong-won Cho (former KCC) 558 points
3rd place Seung-gyun Chu (former KCC) 539 points
4th place Ra Gun-ah (KCC) 504 points
5th Dong-geun Yang (former Hyundai Mobis) 500 points
6th place Sang-min Lee (former Samsung) 459 points
7th place Se-keun Oh (KGC) 440 points
8th Terrence Leder (former Etland) 433 points
9th place Rod Benson (former DB) 405 points
10th Johnny McDowell (former Mobis) 382 points

Number of games played in championship game Ranking
1st Seung-Gyun Choo (former KCC) 47 games
2nd Joo-Sung Kim (former DB) 3rd place 46 games
Sang-Min Lee (former Samsung) 43 games
4th Dong-Geun Yang (Hyundai Mobis) 4th place in 36 games
Seong-won Cho (former KCC) 6th place
in 36 games Laguna (KCC) 7th place in 29 games
Rod Benson (former DB) 8th place in 28 games
Aaron Haynes (former KCC) 9th place in 27 games
Se-geun Oh (KGC) 9th
place in 26 games Lim Jae-hyeon (former Orions) 26 games

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