“It’s 200 million more expensive than the market price…” Controversy over high sales price also drew attention to bank accounts

Despite the controversy over high sales prices, first-price subscriptions for complexes in Dongjak-gu and Guro-gu, Seoul, achieved good results. It is analyzed that the strong location of ‘Seoul’ attracted prospective subscribers. However, compared to previous successful complexes, there were relatively few applicants. This is because as the sale price rises, the profit margin compared to nearby market prices decreases. The tight balance schedule also put a burden on the subscription performance.

All housing types closed in 1st priority subscriptionAccording to the Korea Real Estate Agency’s subscription homepage on the 6th, the ‘Hoban Summit Gaebong’ in Gaebong-dong, Guro-gu recorded an average competition rate of 25.23 to 1 with 2,776 people flocking to the first priority subscription for 110 households the previous day. The highest competition rate is for exclusive use 59㎡A with 27.91 to 1. 614 people applied for the recruitment of 22 households, recording a ratio of 27.91 to 1. By exclusive use area, △84㎡P 24.5 to 1 (49 people for 2 households) △114㎡P 23 to 1 (23 people for 1 household) △49㎡ 22.4 to 1 (224 people for 10 households) △84㎡ A was 20.77 to 1 (457 people recruited from 22 households).

‘Sangdo Prugio Clavenue’ in Sangdo-dong, Dongjak-gu, also had 5,626 people subscribe to the first-priority subscription recruitment for 401 households on the same day. The average competition rate was 14.03 to 1, and the subscription ended in first place.

The highest competition rate came from the exclusive 59㎡B. The competition rate is 23.84 to 1. 453 bank accounts were collected to recruit 19 households. In addition, by exclusive use area: △59㎡B 23.84 to 1 (453 people for 19 households) △59㎡A 18.53 to 1 (2150 for 116 households) △84㎡A 15.9 to 1 (1559 for 98 households) Appeared in that order.

The reason the subscription performance was at a good level is because of its location in Seoul. In the process of rebounding after a sharp drop in housing prices last year, housing prices in Seoul are rising first.

As sales prices continue to rise, the perception that ‘now is the cheapest’ has spread among consumers, which is also the background to the good performance. According to data on ‘private apartment sales price trends’ released by the Housing and Urban Guarantee Corporation (HUG), as of the end of July, the nationwide private apartment sales price was 16.25 million won per 3.3㎡, an increase of about 11.88% compared to the same month last year (14.53 million won ) . During that period, Seoul soared by 13.16% from 28.21 million won to 31.92 million won.

Park Ji-min, CEO of Wolyong Subscription Research Institute, explained, “Because it is a complex sold in Seoul, interest from subscribers is high even though the selling price is high.” He added, “Sold out (complete sale) will also be smooth.”

An official in the sales industry also added, “Even prospective subscribers are aware of the burden of the sales price,” but added, “Anxiety that future complexes will be more expensive is attracting prospective subscribers.”

The sale price is higher than the market price… As for the contract, ‘well’

Although good double-digit results were achieved, the results were poor compared to recently sold complexes. ‘Lotte Castle Eastpole’ in Jayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu had an average competition rate of 98.4 to 1 (41,344 applications for recruitment of 420 households), and ‘Raemian La Grande’ in Imun-dong, Dongdaemun-gu had an average competition rate of 79.1 to 1 (37,024 applicants for recruitment of 468 households). .

The reason why the subscription competition rate dropped significantly compared to the previous complexes is because expectations for market profit decreased as the sale price rose. The sale price (based on the highest price) of 84㎡ for Hoban Summit opening only is 998.6 million won. If you include various options, it easily exceeds 1 billion won. It is difficult to expect a profit compared to nearby prices. According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s actual transaction price disclosure system, 84㎡ exclusively for ‘Gaebong Prugio’ in Gaebong-dong, Guro-gu was traded for 820 million won on the 26th of last month. The selling price is about 200 million won high.

The same goes for the Sangdo Prugio Clavegne. The sale price based on 84㎡ of this complex is 1,393.93 million won. The exclusive 84㎡ unit of the nearby ‘Sangdo Doosan We’ve Tresium’ was traded for 1.28 billion won in July, and the exclusive 84㎡ unit of ‘Lotte Castle Park L’ was also traded for 1.35 billion won in June. The selling price is above the market price.

The tight balance schedule is also a burden. The apartments supplied this time are moving in quickly, making it difficult to gain time to raise funds. The opening of Hoban Summit is only one year and three months away, with occupancy scheduled for December 2024. Sangdo Prugio Clavenue also requires an interim payment by November 20th and the remaining payment by토토사이트 the time you move in in March of next year.

Jeong Sook-hee, CEO of Naekumsa, said, “There is no doubt whether it will be sold out as it is a subscription complex in Seoul, but if we were to point out the reasons for the lower competition rate compared to previous complexes, it would be difficult to expect market profits and the fast balance payment schedule, which is why prospective subscribers are reluctant to pay. “It would have been a burden,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, the winners of Hoban Summit will be announced on the 13th and contracts will be signed from the 25th to the 27th. The resale limit is one year. The Sangdo Prugio Clavenu contract will be held for three days from the 25th to the 27th. The limit on resale of pre-sale rights is one year.

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