‘Iron Pillar’ Kim Min-jae, receives at least ‘300 million won a week’… “Preparation for Manchester United star offensive promotion salary”

Manchester United are reported to have started talks with Kim Min-jae.

Reporter Santi Auna of French media ‘Foot Mercato’ reported on the 12th (Korean time), “Man United are targeting Napoli’s central defender Kim Min-jae. Discussions between the player’s side and Manchester United’s management took place a few weeks ago.”

Kim Min-jae has grown into a top-notch center back in just one season. Kim Min-jae became a key player eight months after moving to Naples. Min-jae Kim is highly trusted by coach Luciano Spalletti, having played in all but one of Napoli’s matches this season. Kim Min-jae also contributed to the scudetto after 33 years of the team and was praised for his net exhaustive recruitment.

Initially, Kim Min-jae’s buyout is known to be 48 to 50 million euros (approximately 64.2 to 67 billion won). Napoli recognized the value and potential of Kim Min-jae early and inserted a ‘buyout’. The buyout is the amount decided by Napoli and Kim Min-jae at the time of transfer. However, there is a buyout trigger condition. This condition is activated only for overseas clubs from July 1st to 15th.

Therefore, United are planning to pay the buyout during the period. Before that, he plans to conclude personal negotiations with Kim Min-jae in advance. This is because if you start individual negotiations in July when the buyout is triggered, you may miss the timing or give other teams a chance.

The reason why Manchester United wants Kim Min-jae is clear. For Manchester United, Lisandro Martinez and Rafael Varane have been the main centre-backs this season. In addition, Harry Maguire and Victor Lindelof were active as rotation center backs. However, it plans to sell Maguire. This is because every time he enters a game, his unstable defense and judgment, and his vulnerability to pressure, cause defensive anxiety.

Also, the fact that Baran is frequently injured is one of the reasons for recruiting Kim Min-jae. Baran shows stable defense and leadership every time he plays, but 1/3 of every season is a player who cannot play due to injury. Therefore, we plan to envisio카지노사이트n a season by recruiting Kim Min-jae.

It is known that Manchester United has already prepared a high salary. The media said, “Man Utd planned to offer a high salary. Man Utd has talked about the terms of the contract with Kim Min-jae and talked about the salary of star strikers.”

In fact, if Man United had prepared an offensive promotion salary, you could receive an amount beyond imagination. Currently, the highest paid player among Manchester United strikers is Jadon Sancho, who is worth £350,000 (about 585 million won). Marcus Rashford, Anthony earns £200,000 a week (about 334 million won). Therefore, there is a possibility of receiving at least 300 million won a week.

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