I’m in the middle of the Ohtani trade

 When Tiger Woods, the ‘golf emperor’, was in his heyday, Woods’ name was never omitted from golf articles. This is because he could not separate golf and woods.

In 2024, the name of Shohei Ohtani will not be missing from major league articles. Ohtani became a constant in baseball articles. In the future, Ohtani will be mentioned all over the online and offline media in the US until the trade deadline on July 31 and the contract as an off-season free agent.

Columnists these days argue and will continue to do so for a cause. So did the LA Times, and FOX-TV studio commentator Alex Rodriguez argued for a trade. In particular, he added that the Angels should trade Ohtani and Mike Trout if they want to challenge for the World Series within the next five years. Derek Jeter also offered the possibility of a trade to the New York Yankees.

Since last year, the club’s policy related to Ohtani has been consistently ‘no trade’. ESPN reporter Buster Onni analyzed on the air that there would be no Ohtani trade.

On the 14th, an article on MLB.COM also raised fire saying, “The Yankees are most motivated to trade Ohtani.” Reporter Onni also said on the morning broadcast that day, “If”, that if there is a trade, the Yankees will be the priority, followed by the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros. These are the teams that can win the World Series.

Judging from the pattern of MLB trade deadlines, it is natural to trade Ohtani. Since he will become a free agent after the 2023 season, if the Angels cannot sign Ohtani, they will have nothing left other than draft rights. As Otani Gassero can win the World Series, the next step is to get a promising player who will become a force immediately through a trade스포츠토토.

However, the owner of Ate Moreno is ‘five-five’. The biggest concern is whether the policy of owner Moreno will change in the future. So far, the owner of Moreno seems to be thinking about the possibility of signing a free agency with Ohtani. Experts do not put a 10% chance of renewing the contract with the Angels.

However, Japanese reporters reacted a little differently. It is a difference of culture. In Japan, loyalty and justification are very important. A Japanese reporter analyzed in his own way that there is a possibility that the Angels and Ohtani could sign free agent contracts.

In fact, players who represented Japan’s pitching, such as Ichiro Suzuki and Matsui Hideki, worked for the Seattle Mariners and New York Yankees for a long time. They moved to other teams in their later years, but eventually became Seattlemen and Yankeesmen. The reporter’s analysis is that if the club gives up the FA contract due to poor performance, there is a high possibility of remaining. Unexpected, but plausible.

When Darvish Judo was traded as a loan player from the Texas Rangers to the Los Angeles Dodgers during the 2017 season, he wanted to renew his contract with the Dodgers after the season. However, the Dodgers did not offer a ransom worthy of the market price, so he signed a free agent contract with the Chicago Cubs.

The Angels’ power dropped significantly as Mike Trout was listed on the injured list at the end of the first half with a hand bone fracture. After ending the first half with 5 consecutive losses, it became 45 wins and 46 losses. The chances of advancing to the postseason are getting further and further away.

Will Ohtani stay or be traded? This is the hottest news in midsummer.

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