“If you call 911 pretending to have a seizure, you won’t go to the army” Punishment just by posting information on military service evasion on the Internet

The law will be strengthened so that punishment can be imposed even if the information is posted on the Internet in order to prevent brokers of irregularities in military service that tell people how to lower their physical grade with fake diseases.

On the 17th, the ruling and opposition parties held a Legislative Review Subcommittee of the National Assembly National Defense Committee to ban posting or distributing information that promotes corruption in the military service, and in case of violation, a prison sentence of up to 2 years or a fine of up to 20 million won was added. has passed

The bill is expected to go into effect after passing through the plenary meeting of the National Defense Commission, passing the Legislation and Judiciary Committee and토토사이트 the plenary session, and promulgating it.

According to the current Military Service Act, those who flee or hide their whereabouts for the purpose of evading military service or receiving a reduction or exemption, or who damage their bodies or cheat are punished by imprisonment for between one and five years.

The problem is that there are no explicit provisions to punish anyone who informs or aids in the use of these tricks.

Recently, Mr. Gu Mo, an administrative officer, was arrested and indicted on charges of receiving money instead of consulting with people who showed interest after reading the article on an Internet portal site that contained a means of avoiding military service.

Ravi, a singer from the group VIXX, received such counseling and attempted to be exempted from military service with false epilepsy, but was caught. Epilepsy was called epilepsy in the past, and it shows symptoms such as loss of consciousness and seizures that occur when brain nerve cells temporarily cause abnormalities and cause excessive excitement.

It is known that after Ravi received an epileptic scenario from Mr. Goo, he acted as if he had fainted and received a hospital examination. Afterwards, when he submitted a diagnosis of suspected epilepsy to the Military Manpower Administration, it was revealed that Mr. Gu sent a message saying, “Good, exemption from military service.”

On the 10th, the Seoul Southern District Court sentenced Ravi to 1 year in prison and 2 years probation and ordered 120 hours of community service. It is known that the Military Manpower Administration is also planning to do another physical examination on her Ravi.

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