“I will leave if he is not a built-in starter” Chelsea youth star MF strongly ‘declares war’

 You played as a starting player in 6 consecutive games, but are thinking about transferring?

There have been reports that former Chelsea youth star Conor Gallagher바카라 could ask for a move to Chelsea after seeing his standing before January.

Gallagher is a player whose future has been subject to constant speculation in the summer transfer market. This is because Chelsea was expected to fall behind in the competition as it continued to strengthen its players, including signing Enso Fernandez in January and signing a big midfielder named Moises Caesedo in the summer.

Additionally, because Gallagher was from the youth team, it was reported that selling him was a better option as it would result in a decrease in profits under the financial fair play rules.

Son Heung-min’s team, Tottenham, made a hasty raid on Gallagher on the transfer market deadline, but the deal did not go through due to lack of time. Manager Mauricio Pochettino strongly requested that Gallagher remain, and in fact sent him as a starter in all six games Chelsea played after the season opened.

But Chelsea’s performance is poor. And the prevailing view is that when other key players return, Gallagher will eventually be pushed to the bench. British media ‘Football Insider’ reported that if Gallagher does not make the best 11, he will consider a transfer in January.

In addition to Fernandez and Caicedo, Chelsea also spent a large sum of money to recruit Leslie Ugochukwu and Romeo Rabia. Kani Chukwuemaca, who is out due to injury, is also a player who can gain coach Pochettino’s trust when he returns.

There is nothing else Gallagher wants. It’s a starter. He is determined to transfer in January if there is a team willing to use him as a starting player.

Chelsea’s stance is that if Gallagher does not agree to an extension, they will welcome an appropriate offer in January.

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