“I went to a soup restaurant with my 3-year-old and they told me to order ‘one menu per person’”

At a soup restaurant where ordering ‘one menu per person’ is메이저사이트 the rule, a story was told that even a 3-year-old child was asked to order a meal for one person.

Online on the 29th, an article titled ‘About 1 menu for 1 person’ posted on the online community ‘Bobaedream’ on the 27th drew attention.

Writer A said, “I was going to have a meal with a 3-year-old at a sundaegukbap restaurant,” and “I ordered only one sundaegukbap and one bowl of rice, but the boss said it was one menu per person.”

He said, “’The baby is 3 years old, so he can’t eat much. I asked for understanding, saying, ‘I’ll order one bowl and share a little bit’, but the president said, ‘No. “Order two bowls,” he said firmly.

He then asked, “I was forced to eat because I asked to see it just once, but it seemed like I could hear my swearing, and I was very aware of it.”

Then he said, “From what age should I order a bowl?

Netizens who heard the story generally agreed that the policy of ‘one menu per person’ was understandable, but asking a three-year-old to order a bowl of soup was excessive.

Online, reactions continued, such as “Has the restaurant owner been eating a bowl of soup since he was 3 years old?” “Even adults get full after eating a bowl of soup” and “The person in the business is inflexible.” Some even doubted the possibility of fabricating the story, saying, “Certify the receipt” and “Disclose which restaurant it is.”

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