“I was suddenly out of breath while looking at my phone”… Why ‘screen apnea’

When you focus on a stopped computer monitor or smartphone screen, there are times when you unconsciously perceive the phenomenon that your breathing stops. It’s called ‘screen apnea ‘ . Although this phenomenon is not yet a medically verified breathing disorder토토사이트, it has been reported through several experiments.

The New York Times ( NYT ) recently focused on the cause of screen apnea. Screen apnea is not an official term used in academia. However, some simple experiments have confirmed that this phenomenon occurs

In 2008, Linda, a former Microsoft executive, conducted an unofficial screen apnea experiment. He invited 200 participants to his home and observed how their heart rate and breathing changed while they checked their emails.

As a result, it was found that in fact, 80% of people held their breath or had fluctuating breathing. Linda first called this phenomenon “email apnea,” but later called it “screen apnea,” after realizing that apnea also occurs when focusing on a regular computer screen rather than checking email.

Then why does screen apnea appear? “Screen apnea is the body’s response to stress,” University of North Carolina psychiatrist Steven Foges told the New York Times .

Our body also accepts the act of focusing and paying attention to a specific object as a ‘stimulus’. When the human body accepts a stimulus, the nervous system has to analyze whether the stimulus is a threat or not. Because of this, when I am concentrating on the screen, it feels as if my breathing has stopped.

“It’s not harmful to experience these reflexes from time to time,” Steven said, “but focusing on a screen all day is dangerous because the nervous system perceives it as a chronic threat.” This is because if this phenomenon is maintained for a long time, fatigue may accumulate in the body.

The way to relieve screen apnea is to ‘ventilate’ the mind. For example, it is also a good idea to set an alarm to sound periodically to remind you to breathe, or to rearrange your breathing pattern, such as taking a big sigh.


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