I think I’ll have to pay a lot of fines” Tess-hyung Bonehead for two days in a row… Have you been vaccinated?

Socrates Britto (31‧KIA), who is in the second year of the KBO League, is selected as one of KIA’s most important players at the beginning of the season. It is because of the physical condition of Na Seong-beom and Choi Hyung-woo, who form the center line together. Due to injuries to the calves and thighs, his condition is not 100%. So, the proportion of Socrates in the center batting line increased.

It is definitely better than this time last year, when life and death were being staked on adapting to the KBO League. Socrates, who recorded a batting average of 0.250 in 12 exhibition games last year, is cruising with a batting average of 0.345 in 10 games until the 26th in this year’s exhibition games. His OPS, which is the sum of his on-base percentage and slugging percentage, is 0.892, which is excellent. Better than last year in every way. It is not unreasonable to expect better results than last year.

However, on the 25th and 26th, in the demonstration game against NC held at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field, regrettable scenes came out two days in a row. On the 25th, Jurusa came out, which made many people doubt their eyes. On the 26th, he was out due to a check. He also had a good batting record, but he made the coaching staff tilt their heads by dedicating an out count that did not have to be given.

On the 25th, the 5th Bonehead play came out behind 0-3. Socrates, who started as the leadoff hitter, hit opposing starter Eric Peddy’s fastball and hit it in the middle left. It was an important hit that broke KIA’s perfect humiliation on this day. However, in the next situation, an absurd play came out.

Byun Woo-hyuk’s batted ball floated to the right side of the outfield. However, it was not a ball that could be sure of a hit on the trajectory. Rather, it was a ball that had to be judged conservatively by a defender to catch it. Socrates had to check the whereabouts of the ball between first and second base and then continue the play. But what was Socrates sure about? Socrates sped up and started to run around the second base and to the third base. Despite the refusal of the third base coach, Socrates did not stop.

The ball became a relatively safe right fielder’s floating ball. Socrates almost got to third base, but couldn’t figure out what was going on. Rather, he thought it was a foul and began to slowly move to first base. NC’s relay play has already ended and Socrates is out. After reaching first base and listening to the explanations from the NC players and referees, he trudged toward the home dugout. He didn’t misunderstand the out count because he was the lead batter, and it was a difficult play to understand.

On the 26th, the innings ended with a checker in the 4th inning, 0-1, with 2 outs and 1st base. Of course, Socrates is a hitter who can run at any time. He’s not a player with a narrow lead. However, the player standing on the opponent’s mound was a left-hander, Chang-mo Koo, who had good control, but he just stood there and got out at first base. It was not a play for a player who is the core of the team, a player who is expected a lot from fans and colleagues.

If you are a first base runner who can run,안전놀이터 it is natural that the lead width is relatively wide, and if so, it is standard to return to base first when the opponent checks. Because that’s the safest way to reduce the area on the tag. It is also a subject that has been taught countless times since childhood. However, Socrates seemed to momentarily miss Gu Chang-mo’s check, and eventually got tagged in his thigh and was out.

SBS Sports commentator Lee Soon-chul, who relayed the game, pointed out Socrates’ complacent play by saying, “I think I will have to pay a lot of fines. There was a bonehead play yesterday too.” There is no case where a penalty is paid for a hit due to a team bylaws not allowing a hit. Conversely, when you play something you shouldn’t do, you often ask for stern responsibility. Regardless of whether or not Socrates actually pays the fine, it seems necessary to make up his mind ahead of the regular season.

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