“I played volleyball carelessly, I was embarrassed.” After reflecting, Kang So-hwi quickly emerged as an ace.

Cesarho’s undisputed ace is Kang So-hwi (26, GS Caltex)토토사이트.

Kang So-hwi has recently established herself as the most reliable scorer on the women’s volleyball team. She is playing as an ace, maintaining her team’s most reliable attack power not only at the Asian Volleyball Championships but also in the Paris Olympic qualifiers currently underway in Łódź, Poland.

So-Hwi Kang was the only player to score double digits (10 points) in her first qualifying game against Italy. She also scored 16 points, the most for her team, in the second match against her home team Poland on the 18th (Korean time). She is showing a stable performance by scoring double digits in two consecutive games. In particular, she was very active throughout the match against Poland, shaking up the Polish blocker line, which is ranked 7th in the world. Korea lost the set score 1-3 (22-25 24-26 25-21 25-9), but won one set and competed with Poland in the first and second sets. Poland’s coach Stefano Lavarini, who had left some of his starting players out, was at 100% strength when faced with a crisis.

Kang So-hwi’s performance in the Olympic qualifiers has significant implications. This is because it means that she is competitive in her own way not only on the Asian stage but also in world competitions. Kang So-hwi is 180cm tall, so she is not that tall among her side attackers. She is shorter than Park Jeong-ah (187 cm), Pyo Seung-ju (182 cm), and Lee Sun-woo (184 cm).

Although his height is not his strength, Kang So-hwi is steadily accumulating his recent international experience and playing to his strengths. He is on his way to becoming the ace of his team through attacks that cleverly utilize his opponent’s blocking and strong serves.

After suffering her 24th consecutive loss in the Volleyball Nations League held in Suwon last June, So-Hwi Kang said, “I think I got a little better this year than last year, but I felt embarrassed because I felt the difference between me and world-class players. I think I played volleyball in a complacent manner in Korea.” “I think he needs to find a better way to play volleyball,” he said in a reflective voice.

Kang So-hwi is the representative high-paid earner of the V-League women’s division. With her total annual salary of 550 million won, she is tied for 5th place. Even though he is playing as a professional player and receiving a lot of money even globally, he is ashamed of the fact that his international competitiveness is not up to par.

Coincidentally, Kang So-hwi has been expanding her presence in the national team since these remarks. He is firmly in charge of the team’s offense while competing in Asian and world competitions, and eventually coach Cesar Hernández has almost fixed Kang So-hwi in one position as an outside hitter.

In reality, it is not easy for Korea to advance to the Olympic finals. However, if a player like Kang So-hwi appears who shows visible development and growth, Korean women’s volleyball can also find a little hope.

Korea will play the third round of the preliminary round against Germany, ranked 12th in the world, at 6:30 pm on the 19th, Korean time.

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