I heard that my hair is growing, but the side effect of ‘ooze’… The bald man rang twice

A hair loss center in Gangnam, Seoul became famous for making customized products according to the condition of customers, but it turned out that they all sold the same products. Some customers have experienced side effects because it is an illegal product mixed with hair loss medicine that requires a doctor’s prescription.

This is Reporter Lee Eun-jin.


A middle-aged woman suffering from hair loss sat in front of an oriental doctor wearing a white coat.

This oriental doctor, she explains, uses customized products to make her hair fuller.

[Hair loss center oriental doctor: Do you have someone who comes up explosively? Well, 70-80%, even 80-90%… Now in a state of abundance… ]

It is said to be a herbal medicine ingredient product developed by myself.

[Hair loss center oriental doctor: {Did you develop it?} Yes. It is not chemical medicine, but herbal medicine of 20 to 30 kinds of herbal plants… ]

After examining the scalp and hair, it is informed토토사이트 that they will be made and sent according to each person’s condition.

[Hair loss center oriental doctor: We will contact the mother as soon as the results come out in a week.] We

build trust with oriental doctors by advocating that they are ‘customized’.

But it was just words.

The actual inspection was simulated, and the customers were sent the exact same product that was printed at the factory.

I put 3~4g of minoxidil, a medicine used for blood pressure and hair loss.

It cannot be added to cosmetics without a doctor’s prescription.

Some of our customers have experienced side effects.

[Seoul City Public Welfare and Judicial Police Officer: My scalp is itchy, and when I wake up, the ooze comes out and the pillow turns yellow… ]

In this way, since 2019, we have sold 3.9 billion won.

This is a famous hair loss center in Gangnam.

[Employee at a nearby company: {Is there a hair loss center?} It’s been a while since it disappeared. About a year and a half.]

When the investigation began, it was closed.

Scams that dig into the stress of hair loss are increasing.

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