Ho-min Joo, a special education teacher, released a workbook containing remarks, “The act of lowering the pants is nasty”

Webtoon writer Joo Ho-min reported a special teacher토토사이트 who taught his son suffering from developmental disabilities for child abuse, and amid controversy, a workbook containing the circumstances in which the special teacher’s remarks appeared in the transcript was released.

In response, a special education expert said, “It cannot be seen as abuse.” In an interview with EBS

News yesterday (2nd), Ryu Jae-yeon, a professor of special education at Nazarene University who has been engaged in special education for over 30 years, reviewed and analyzed the entire transcript, which is the key evidence of the case, and determined that the special teacher A’s remarks were not child abuse. I did. Professor Ryu explained that this was because Joo Ho-min’s son, Group B, had never taken an evasive action such as attacking in class, breaking things, swearing, or trying to run away. Regarding the expression ‘nasty’ that Mr. A used for Mr. B, Professor Ryu said, “This expression itself seems to be a very hot issue, but I don’t think ‘nasty’ is a slang word that can’t be used in broadcasting.” I saw that I couldn’t. Professor Ryu said, “If there were no relevant materials, it is easy for us to think of the teacher putting the child in the interrogation room and threatening to say it was nasty.”

Professor Ryu said, “The expression ‘nasty’ remains intact in the contents of the textbook, and the purpose at this time was to pronounce the word fluently and quickly.” It was not intentionally brought out to intimidate the teacher.”

In addition, Professor Ryu said that Mr. A continued to use honorific language when having private conversations with students in class, that Mr. B expressed “I was disappointed” rather than “I didn’t like” or “It was bad” about the class, and that Mr. A said 3 Judging from the fact that the word “no” was not used continuously in the long class, he said that he thought it was difficult to see it as abuse.

In the police report of Mr. A, which was released earlier, Mr. A said to Mr. B in order to understand the expression ‘having a very nasty habit’, “The act of lowering the pants to the victim during class is a nasty act, and because of this behavior, I cannot meet my friends and have lunch together.” I can’t even eat it,” he claimed to have explained.

He said he swears that he was only emphasizing that the same thing would not happen to the student again and that he never intended to emotionally abuse the student.

Regarding the reason for suing Mr. A earlier, Mr. Joo said, “(Class time) the recording contained a situation that was difficult to see as simple discipline.”

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