Go Young-jun, who is aiming for the national university “Lee Kang-in, Oh Hyeon-gyu, Ko Young-jun let’s go! Words I really want to hear”

Koh Young-joon (Pohang Steelers), a K-League 1 top second-line striker who has grown significantly this year, dreams of being selected as the A representative.메이저놀이터

Youngjun Ko, born in 2001, is a U22 resource in Pohang, but he is showing more than a promising player. He played an active role in the second line, recording 6 goals and 1 assist in 15 games, and was selected as the round best eleven 5 times (2nd in the league). On May 29, at the home steel yard against Jeonbuk Hyundai, after running 50 meters, he scored the winning goal and won the round MVP. As it was a game commemorating the 50th anniversary of Pohang’s founding, Ko Young-jun’s fantastic goal was even more special. 

Coach Kim Ki-dong evaluated Ko Young-jun as more than a U22 resource, saying, “I don’t play with the benefit of the U22 rule, but I just have good skills.” Pohang has a goal scorer every year, and this year Ko Young-jun is taking on that role. His momentary breakthrough and active activity were excellent before, but his decisiveness has been added.

Last year, Ko Young-jun also showed his potential by recording 6 goals and 4 assists in 38 matches in the league and FA Cup. He was included in the U23 national team list led by coach Hwang Seon-hong, and was even called by Paulo Bento A national team coach. Ko Young-jun, who participated in the 2022 EAFF E-1 Football Championship held in Japan, assisted Cho Kyu-seong’s goal and made a mark on the eyes of domestic soccer fans. His points scored this year are already tied with last year. Director Jürgen Klinsmann also watches Ko Young-joon, who has developed much more.

Koh Young-joon, who had a phone interview with ‘Footballist’ on the 1st, said, “Last year I didn’t expect much, so I didn’t even know the day the list was announced, but this year I’m a little more concerned. “First of all, going to the national team is the first step. There are many tasks left.”

Below is the full text of the interview with Koh Young-

Jun – Evaluations are pouring in that he has grown rapidly in one year, but he can feel it himself, but

on the day last year’s season ended, he thought, ‘I must improve next year and be recognized.’ I think I get a good evaluation because I score a lot of goals. Did you wake up to football? It doesn’t seem like that yet. Rather than feeling that I have improved a lot, it just feels like every game is going well. In particular, the process of entering the goal is worked out smoothly. Honestly, I don’t know if it’s because I’ve developed. Taking the goal against Jeonbuk as an example, I didn’t know that my shot would go in. Goalkeeper (Kim) Jeong-hoon seems to have predicted another shot. Looking back at the video, I could see that my posture had collapsed. In a word, I was lucky. As for the previous breakthrough, (Koo) Ja-ryong hyung took on the challenge without being soft, but the timing was perfect. I’m not a very fast player, but it worked out well.

– If you look at this year’s game, the play that uses physical advantages is especially outstanding. Do you have a role model?

Originally, I liked players like Hazard and Iniesta. The styles are not completely similar, but I wanted to bring the strengths of those players. Azar’s unique way of breaking through was cool, so I often imitated him since I was young. I saw Iniesta often because he plays in the same position as me. Among domestic players, Hwang Jin-seong when I was young and Hwang In-beom hyung are my role models now. In-beom hyung also has a slightly different position, but he is really good at soccer, so I became a fan. It is fantastic to trick the opponent with the first touch, especially when receiving the ball. At first glance, it may not seem like anything, but it is a really difficult move. Of course, he is good at other things, but I want to learn the first touch.

– Is there any special instructions from coach Kim Ki-dong so that Koh Young-joon’s strengths can be revealed?

It’s the same every game. I actively infiltrate, draw out the defense to create space, and my colleagues infiltrate that space, and conversely, when other players open up the space, I dig in, and I play a lot of plays to return to the half space and receive the ball. In particular, it grants a lot of autonomy between the opposing midfielder and the defense. After the game, the coach praises me for doing well, but he doesn’t say much. It could be that I’m conceited. Of course, I received more compliments than last year.

– Although Hwang Seon-Hong-Ho is the ace, he seems to be greedy for Klins Man-Ho as his recent performance is so good. I remember being selected for Bentoho last year, but

I read an article that director Klinsman might make a major change or experiment this time. He’s not thinking too hard right now, ‘Can I really go?’ About. Being selected for the national team is truly an honor. When I entered Bentoho’s roster last year, of course, I called mostly K-leagues, but I was really confused. He had no expectations at all and didn’t pay attention to the fact that the list was coming out. This time, I’m a little more concerned than before.

– Did that experience become the basis for growth?

I also participated in the under-22 and under-23 competitions, but the A team had a really different weight. First of all, it is different from the hyungs who train together next to me. I feel spleen. When I scored an assist, I knew something was wrong. I couldn’t believe it, and I couldn’t believe it. In particular, I could feel a lot while preparing for the Korea-Japan match. Everything from the preparation process to the game was different. Since he was a substitute, he warmed up and watched them all. All of those steps helped. The mindset of the game, the preparation process, and even the smallest things have become more elaborate. While living his life, he came to keep his routine more thoroughly.

– Friends born in 2001, Lee Kang-in and Oh Hyeon-kyu, are expanding their positions in the A national team

. I hope all my friends play a lot and do well. On the one hand, it is motivating. It is because my friends of the same age are already playing for the A national team and doing well.

– Lee Kang-in, Oh Hyun-gyu, Go Young-jun Let’s Go?

So good. That’s what I want to hear so much. The first thing is to go to the national team. Many challenges remain. This time, all overseas members are also summoned. As I kept talking, I really wanted to go. Friends around me joke around saying, “I’m going to go to the national team~” whenever I increase my attack points. Every time I did that, I said, ‘What kind of team am I?’, but honestly, isn’t the national team the dream of all players? Even my parents don’t say anything, but I think they’re looking forward to it. I think the biggest appeal would be to continue showing coach Klinsman what he is doing well in his team. I want to be recognized for my skills on the pitch rather than words.

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