‘Ghost Fork’ Senga, 12K show to the strongest team ‘ML most strikeouts’

Senda Kodai (30, New York Mets), who led the ‘Ghost Fork’, showed his best appearance after advancing to the major leagues against the Tampa Bay Rays, the leader of all 30 clubs.

The New York Mets had a home game against Tampa Bay at Citi Field in New York, New York, USA on the 18th (hereinafter Korean time). Senga was the starting pitcher for the New York Mets that day.

Senga threw 104 pitches (65 strikes) in 6 innings, giving up 3 hits and 1 run. He gave up three walks, but struck out a whopping 12.

This is Senga’s first two-digit strikeout since his major league debut. The record far exceeded the record of 8 out of the previous 7 matches. It deserves to be called Senga’s best pitch since his major league debut.

Senga got off to a good start by striking out first batter Josh Lowe in the first inning, and striking out all three out counts in the second inning.

In addition,토토사이트 Senga struck out all three out counts while giving up one run after being hit with doubles in four consecutive innings, and escaped the crisis by striking out in the last six innings.

However, the New York Mets lineup did not score a single run while Senga was on the mound. As a result, Senga was in danger of losing, but the score was tied 2-2 in the 7th inning and recorded a no-decision.

As a result, Senga threw 43 innings in 8 games of the season until this day, recording 4 wins and 2 losses with an ERA of 3.77. Strikeouts are 55.

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