Gangnam PHE young girl team growing rapidly, the second victory will be at the next opportunity

Gangnam PHE dream girls had their second practical experience. The process was more important than the result. 

Assist For You (Assist For Youth) project, which is underway for the development of youth basketball in Korea from 2022. The Gangnam PHE basketball class youth team, which is doing this project together, experienced the second official competition after its foundation. Unfortunately, the result was two consecutive losses and elimination from the group stage. 

Gangnam PHE Basketball Class, which organized the women’s national team for the first time this year, participated in the 25th 2023 Korea Culture and Sports Federation National Youth and Girls Basketball Championship held in early April and tasted its first victory after its establishment. 

Taking the sweetness of 1 win as a stepping stone, the Gangnam PHE youth team participated in the 27th Korea Culture and Sports Federation National Youth Basketball Championship held at the gymnasium of Jungdong Middle School in Seoul on the 6th. 

In my heart, I hoped for a second win after the foundation, but the result was different from my wishes. 

Gangnam PHE, who did their best against Viva Sports in the first match of the preliminaries, but suffered a disappointing defeat. The second game was against Asan Woori Bank, but the strong team, Asan Woori Bank, was a tough opponent for Gangnam PHE. 

Gangnam PHE, who did their best but suffered two consecutive losses in the preliminaries, ended the tournament by being eliminated in the group stage. 

The result was disappointing, but the Gangnam PHE Girls’ Team, which has just entered its second tournament, is showing a clear growth by showing their best in every game. 

Kang Woo-hyung, director of Gangnam PHE Basketball Class, said, “There was a power leak ahead of this tournament. It’s unfortunate that Oh Ji-hyo was absent due to a finger injury during class.” I saw an active image of trying to do what he could do, such as dribbling and shooting, etc. It is very proud of him to show that he is trying to get out of his passive image.” 

Director Kang said, “I think the biggest change is the players’ active appearance. Our players are still lacking, but they showed their will to do so, so I want to teach them harder so that they can taste victory again within this year.” promised to do 

Director Kang Woo-hyeong,메이저놀이터 who said that a little more training ahead of summer vacation will help improve the skills of the children, said, “We expect to participate in the next competition in October. During that period, children can grow through self-evaluation and practice. Looking at this competition, I could see that the children are getting a sense of something. Until the October competition, we have subdivided the roles that each position can play so that the children can show a better appearance in the next competition. I will prepare,” he said, promising to focus on practicing more until the competition in October. 

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