full mother? Promoting a meeting of leaders from E-Land

A meeting of leaders from E-Land is being promoted.

On the 24th, a confrontation between Chosun University and Myongji University was held at the gymnasium of Chosun University.

On this day’s game, coach Myung-do Choi, who is leading Gunsan High School, also visited the site to cheer for his pupil, Do-yeon Kim. Kim Do-yeon, who is currently undergoing rehabilitation, ran to coach Choi Myung-do at once when coach Choi Myung-do entered the gym.

Coach Kang Yang-hyun, who leads Chosun University, played in the 2nd division of Etland (currently D-League), and Taejin Kim, head coach of Myongji University, played at Etland from the 2004-2005 season, and even after retiring, he has accumulated leadership experience for 11 years. He has been active in E-Land for the longest time among former players.

Coach Myung-do Choi also played for 3 seasons at E-Land. Coach Myung-do Choi shared the same room with coach Yang-hyeon Kang during E-Land days.

The three leaders, who had the common denominator of being from E-Land, agreed to create a group of leaders from E-Land who are active not only in amateurs but also in the pros.

Director Kim Tae-jin said, “I’ve been talking a lot about getting together since the old days, but there was no focal point during that time. This time, director Kang Yang-hyun suggested doing it. Since this was an opportunity, I also talked to manager Lee Ho-geun about setting up a meeting of leaders from E-Land.” So, it means that the players and officials who went through difficult times together should meet at least once a year and share memories.”메이저놀이터

There are many OB groups from high school or college. A typical group from the team is Samnonghoe (a group from Samsung).

On the professional stage, people from E-Land, a name in history, promote gatherings to share memories.

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