Football Players Association selected the 2nd generation of dream scholarship students… Thiago Kim took the lead in sponsoring

Chungju Yeseong Girls’ Middle School Kim Ha-rang was selected as a scholarship student by the Korea Professional Football Players Association.

This selection of scholarship students began when ‘soccer YouTuber’ Thiago Kim released a collaboration jersey with Pepperoni Seoul as part of a project to support the dreams of young women’s soccer prospects. Proceeds from sales of collaboration jerseys are supported by the Korea Professional Soccer Players Association to young female prospects.

Athletes’ association president Ji So-yeon and Kang Ga-ae, director of the athlete’s association, participated in the selection of the second scholarship students, and an event was also held to provide scholarships, soccer shoes, socks, and other supplies to young soccer players.

Ji So-yeon, president of the Athletes Association, said, “Thiago Kim’s donation is a great help to young female soccer players. In the future, I will also try to help young student athletes. I hope that Harang, who was selected as her scholarship student this time, will also work hard towards her dream,” she said.

Kang Ga-ae, director of the Athletes Association, said,바카라 “I hope Harang grows up to become a great player. She is so happy to be able to share a meaningful event with her. In the future, she will do her best so that all the members of the Women’s Athletes Association can help young student athletes.”

Thiago Kim said, “She has long wanted to help young women’s soccer players. I am proud to have a good opportunity this time to help a promising player myself. If there is an opportunity like this in the future, I will support and help for the development of Korean football.”

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