‘Falling 4th in the world’ NYM Emergency ‘Home Run King Alonso Ghana to IL’

The worst news was delivered to the New York Mets, who recently fell to 4th place in the National League East Division with 6 consecutive losses. The departure of Pete Alonso (29) is expected to be prolonged.

On the 9th (hereinafter referred to as Korean time), US Sportsnet New York mentioned the possibility of being listed on the injured list after being hit by Alonso’s fastball and leaving the wrist.

Earlier, Alonso was hit in the left wrist by Charlie Morton’s 96.5 mph four-seam fastball during an away game against the Atlanta Braves on the 8th.

Alonso then complained of great pain and collapsed on the spot. Afterwards, Alonso walked to first base on his own, but was eventually replaced by a runner.

Afterwards, Alonso did not play against Atlanta on the 9th and checked his condition. Until this time, it seemed that the absence was for player protection.

But the possibility of being on the injured list being mentioned means that Alonso’s wrist is in poor shape. You may need plenty of rest.안전놀이터

Alonso is a slugger who currently leads the major league in home runs with 22 homers. He’s not good at batting accuracy, but he’s always a good hitter.

If Alonso goes on the injured list, the situation for the New York Mets, who recently dropped to fourth place in the division with six straight losses, is likely to get worse.

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