Fainting participant… Despite the criticism of ‘insufficient preparation’ a year ago, the minister is confident that “there are countermeasures for everything”

This time, we will go to the Saemangeum Jamboree site. Connect with reporters.

Reporter Kim Ahn-soo. First of all, the government said that the rest of the tournament will continue. Is there any coverage of the process?


The government said that the participating countries held a meeting and decided, but did not elaborate on the process.

However, there is an analysis that the Korean government did not actively persuade each country.

In fact, before the government announced that it would proceed with the Jamboree, some countries such as Saudi Arabia and Argentina suddenly held press conferences토토사이트 and announced their intention to remain.

When asked why, he also explained that he held a press conference at the request of the Korean Scout Federation.


The heat wave continued today. How is the situation?


The organizing committee blocked reporters from entering today, so we had no choice but to look down from the observatory here.

In the morning, an Irish citizen in his 50s fainted and was taken to the hospital.

The organizing committee said it was not true and that he was receiving treatment at the hospital.


The government announced improvement measures today. What are they specifically?


The four governments first announced that they had additionally deployed 104 cooling buses to the site to avoid the scorching sun.

It was also said that a shade canopy was added to a site of more than 1,000 pyeong and 64 canopies were installed.

He explained that 60 more medical personnel, including doctors and paramedics, were also put in.

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By the way, hasn’t the government emphasized several times that preparations are going well?


That’s right. Just a day ago, the government said there was no problem.

Let’s start with a briefing by Minister of Gender Equality and Family Kim Hyun-sook, who is in charge.

[Kim Hyun-sook/Minister of Gender Equality and Family (Last July 25): We checked the flood damage site and the progress of repairs, and took measures to ensure there were no problems. In preparation for the heat wave in August, we completed the creation of shade facilities within the compound… ]

In addition, many pointed out that preparations were insufficient from a year ago.

During last year’s parliamentary audit, an opposition lawmaker pointed out that heat waves, heavy rain, drainage facilities, and pest control were insufficient, and Minister of Gender Equality and Family Kim Hyun-sook was confident that “all measures have been taken” at this time as well.

However, even the basic preparations such as toilets, showers, and measures against heat waves, which can be easily prepared with a little care, were not yet available.

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