‘Exclusive No. 1’ Managing Director Kim Cheon… Reached the top from the top of the fierce K-League 2

In the fiercely competitive K-League 2 stage, Kim Chun, who finished the 9th round, took the sole lead.

In the away match against Seoul E-Land FC in the 9th round of Hana 1Q K League 2 2023 held at Mokdong Sports Complex in Seoul on the evening of the 22nd, Sangmu Kim won a 1-0 victory thanks to Kim Ji-hyun’s final goal.

Kim Cheon, who finished the first half without scoring, scored a corner kick from Lee Young-jae in the second half, and Kim Ji-hyun headed it to make the team win.

Sangmu Kim, who had 5 wins and 2 losses until the 8th round, was tied with Gyeongnam in points and points, but was pushed back in goal difference and finished in second place. occupies.

Gimpo FC,메이저사이트 the leading competitor team, also won the game against Anyang that day, and the points were equal with Gimcheon, but Gimcheon is ahead of the score by one goal. In the Changwon game that followed on the 23rd, Gyeongnam FC, the leading competitor team chasing with a 3-point margin, failed to win against Chungnam Asan and recorded a draw, failing to pursue Gimcheon with only 16 points.

Kim Cheon, who took the sole lead at the end of the 9th round, seems to be regaining his position predicted by experts before the start of the season with his recent 4 consecutive wins.

This ninth round is the first time that Kim Cheon has risen to the top after the first round on the K-League 2 stage, which is competing for the highest level of leadership.

1st place Sangmu Kimcheon (18 points, 14 points)
2nd place Gimpo FC (18 points, 13 points)
3rd place Gyeongnam FC (16 points, 15 points

) On the K-League 2 stage, which has changed to a composition where Gimpo goes ahead and pursues, the battle for the lead is expected to continue fiercely until the middle of the league.

In fact, Kim Cheon Sangmu, who took the first place in the 2023 season, will have an unavoidable confrontation with Gimpo FC, the second place with the same victory points, at the home of Gimcheon Sports Complex at 1:30 pm on the upcoming 30th.

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