Detectives dispatched to find Minister Han Dong-hoon’s mobile phone… Police “as usual”

It was belatedly known that Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon received a report that a mobile phone was lost and a police force was dispatched.

According to the Seoul Central Police Station on the 26th, a report was received that a minister who attended the 73rd anniversary of the토토사이트 Korean War held at the Jangchung Gymnasium in Jung-gu, Seoul the previous day (25th) lost his cell phone.

The police who received the report believed that someone had taken it (since there was no cell phone at the scene) and mobilized Detective Team 4, who was on duty as a detective.

Afterwards, the police confirmed that the person who had obtained Minister Han’s cell phone reported the lost item to another police station, and returned the cell phone to Minister Han’s side.

Regarding this process, the police argued, “(The loss report came in, but it was not at the scene), so it was possible to apply the crime of embezzlement of occupied and stolen property.”

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