‘Deducted 15 points → Recovered → Deducted another 10 points → Fall to 7th place’

Juventus again suffered a point cut. It is an administration that even rival Jose Mourinho sends cynicism.

Italian revenge media reported on the 23rd (Korean time), “According to the results of the new hearing, Juventus was punished by a 10-point reduction. With this penalty, Juventus was pushed to 7th place.”

It’s an eventful season. Juventus was punished with a 15-point reduction in January last year after being caught tampering with the accounting books in 2021. As the so-called ‘black ledger’ of director Fabio Paratici was released to the world, decisive evidence related to accounting fraud came out, which influenced the court’s decision.

At the time, the Italian Football Association (FIGC) announced that “the Federal Court of Appeals accepted some appeals from the Prosecutor’s Office. It sanctioned Juventus with a 15-point reduction and suspension of 11 executives this season.”

But he was reinstated. In April, the Italian Olympic Committee’s (CONI) Sports Assurance Committee accepted Juventus’ appeal that the 15-point deduction was unfair. Juventus, which had been gradually accumulating points, recovered even the points it had lost and laid the foundation for advancing to the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

This joy did not last long. CONI proposed holding a new hearing as a condition for the restoration of victory points, and according to the result on the 23rd, 10 victory points were again taken away. Juventus, who were fighting for UCL tickets, fell to 7th place in an instant.

There is still a chance, but the odds are slim. With 59 points, Juventus is 5 points behind AC Milan (64 points), who are fourth in the league. With two games left and even a head-to-head match, there is still hope for the UCL. Nonetheless, the current situation, in which not only AC Milan but also Atalanta and Roma have to be pushed aside, is close to a disaster.

Not a good direction for Serie A as a whole. Teams competing in the European competition have been greatly affected by Juventus’ rankings fluctuating since January. If the ranking continues to change, each team will have more headaches for variable control.

In response, AS Roma coach Mourinho sent a cynical gaze. In an interview with sports streaming service ‘DAZN’, he said, “With two games left, knowing this is nothing short of a joke. For us and for everyone, even for Juventus.”메이저사이트

“If we had known this before the match between Monza and Bologna, our approach would have been different. Sorry to coach Massimiliano Allegri and his players, but I can only say that the situation has changed at the league level,” he said, expressing regret at the FISG’s administration. left

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