‘Contact coverage’, the source of LG Volcano hitting, synergistic effect perfect with the same theory as coach and hitting coach

 “It was the first time I came and talked about the batting theory, and it fit really well. We have faith that we will do well together.”먹튀검증

LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said that he gained some confidence in conversations with the hitting coaches while holding the LG baton. Coach Yeom said that the experience he had accumulated and the direction he had made while learning in the United States was almost the same as that of hitting coach Lee Ho-joon and Mo Chang-min. So, he clearly established the batting theory of the entire team, and he expected that he could become a batting line with no ups and downs throughout the season.

Coach Yeom said, ahead of the KIA game in Gwangju on the 26th, “My batting theory is 99% the same as hitting coach Lee Ho-jun and Mo Chang-min. When we first met, it was really good. It was the first time I came and talked about the blow theory, and it fit really well. We have faith that we will do well together. If so, I thought I could set the right direction.”

Coach Yeom, Coach Lee, and Coach Mo The core of batting theory is ‘contact coverage’. It is commonly referred to as the ‘right side’ of the swing, and by emphasizing this, the hitting of many players has been upgraded. Park Dong-won’s home runs increased as the number of foul home runs decreased. Hong Chang-ki and Moon Seong-joo are maximizing their strengths. Park Hae-min quickly escaped from the April jinx.

Coach Yeom said, “Since the theory is the same, we can push the players as it is. The players also believe in the coaching staff when the results come out,” he said. It’s going very evenly. I think our team can maintain such an even graph throughout the year,” he expressed confidence.

Until the 25th, LG ranked first in team batting average (0.292) and first in team on-base percentage (0.380). He ranks first on the team in slugging percentage (0.405). Team OPS (0.785) is also naturally number one. With the emphasis on contact coverage, the number of balls in play increased, and the batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage all rose.

Coach Yeom picked Hong Chang-ki and Moon Seong-joo to the question, ‘Who is the hitter with the best contact coverage on the team?’ So you can’t shift against two hitters. If it hits from behind, it goes to the left, if it hits from the front, it goes to the middle, and if it hits from the front, it goes to the right. They are originally good hitters, but they told me to do the same routine while keeping my own for at least 400 at-bats. The results are coming out,” he explained.

On this day, LG faced KIA Hong Chang-ki (right fielder) ~ Moon Seong-joo (left fielder) ~ Oh Ji-hwan (shortstop) ~ Austin Dean (1st baseman) ~ Kim Hyun-soo (designated hitter) ~ Moon Bo-gyeong (3rd baseman) ~ Park Dong-won (catcher) ~ Kim Min-seong (2nd baseman) The lineup was made with Park Hae-min (center fielder). The starting pitcher is Plutko.

Meanwhile, Pil Seung-jo, Ko Woo-seok and Baek Seung-hyun, who are preparing to return to the first team, are heading to Jamsil Stadium. Both pitched against Seosan Hanwha in the Futures League that day. Ko Woo-seok recorded 8 pitches, 1 inning, 1 hit and no runs, and a maximum speed of 151 km. Baek Seung-hyun recorded 13 pitches, 1 inning, 2 hits, 1 strikeout, 4 balls, 1 run, and a maximum speed of 148 km.

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