Coach Hwang Jun-sam, who won by 30 points, said the factors behind his victory were ‘rebound and defense’.

Coach Hwang Jun-sam, who won a complete victory against Hanyang University, delivered his impressions of victory.토토사이트

Konkuk University won 79-49 in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League match against Hanyang University, which took place at Konkuk University Glocal Campus Gymnasium on the 7th. Konkuk University would have had a hard time advancing to the playoffs if it had been defeated that day, but it recovered its 50% win rate (6 wins, 6 losses) with a complete victory over Hanyang University. The ranking was also raised to 5th place.

It was a complete victory for Konkuk University in both offense and defense. At the end of the first half, the difference was already 25 points (45-20). Freddie already completed a double-double with 10 points and 15 rebounds in the second quarter, and Jo Hwan-hee and Kim Joon-young also scored in double digits. Konkuk University ended the game without much difficulty in the remaining time.

Coach Hwang Jun-sam, who led the victory, said, “It seems that the players worked hard and produced good results. In the beginning, I told the players not to lose the rebound battle, but that worked out so I think we played easily from the second quarter.”

The battle between the two teams continued until the middle of the first quarter. Since then, Konkuk University has completely dominated Hanyang University. Head coach Hwang Jun-sam picked ‘rebound and defense’. As coach Hwang said, Konkuk University took a 49-27 lead in rebounding that day, and Hanyang University’s field goal rate dropped to 33%.

Konkuk University was able to take the lead in the early stages thanks to the strong pressure defense that was put in right after the goal was scored. Regarding this, coach Hwang Jun-sam said, “I practiced a lot. He tries to keep doing that rather than tailoring it to Hanyang University. In the past, I couldn’t do it because of the physical burden due to the small number of people available, but now I have no place to retreat. I practiced with the thought of bumping into each other.”

It was a great victory by 30 points, but coach Hwang Jun-sam also expressed regret. Coach Hwang said, “It was frustrating to do turnovers that I didn’t have to do and give points that I didn’t have to give. When he runs away, he must run away, but he made a lot of mistakes every time.”

With two games left, Konkuk University will meet Korea University and Kyunghee University in turn. It is a situation where more than one win is needed for a stable playoff advance. Korea University, which is on a winning streak, must win against Kyung Hee University, even if it is somewhat difficult. Director Hwang Jun-sam said, “I am not giving up on the Koryo Daejeon. Even if we lose, we must do everything we can. We have to maintain the pace so that we can continue that atmosphere in Kyunghee Daejeon.”

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